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Good Dad

Abraham Lincoln struggles to open his crusty eyes. His head rises from the table as he lets out a yawn. He puts his head in his hands thinking about how to save the slaves from their misery. His papers are gentle put together and placed in a drawer. He turns his head around in curiosity when he hears light snoring just down the hall. With his back arched, he stands up and makes quiet thumping down the hall with his large shoes. Tadd lay asleep next to his toys in his soldier outfit. Abraham bends his knees and with gentle hands, grabs his son and hoists him onto his shoulders. He sways back and forth as he walks over to his bed. Tadd is slowly lowered to the bed and placed under his covers. Abe tucks him in and kisses him on his tiny forehead. The door squeaks as he closes it for the night. Abe proceeds to stroll down the large and vast White House halls. He checks on his other sons and other workers, then eventually returns back to his room and takes off his coat. He changes into his pajamas and cleans up his desk. The lights turn off as he crawls into bed. He closes his for a quick prayer. “God, please help me make all the right decisions for this country. Please help these politicians to see my point of view on the amendment. Slaves don’t deserve to be treated as they are now. Let them be free and have life and prosperity. Amen” He closes his eyes and slowly drifts off to sleep.

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