The Mad Lady

May 7, 2013
By Reddy2325 BRONZE, Coronado, California
Reddy2325 BRONZE, Coronado, California
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It all started with a lady, a very mad lady. She sat at the dinner table adjacent to mine. Her face was red and I could see sweat trickle off her finger and into her soup. She was shouting at a short man seated across from her. He had a cowering look on his face as steam came spewing from her ears. “Okay fine, here…here, just please don’t do anything rash darling.” She took the strange object the short man had given her and put it in the side pocket of her dress and continued her tantrum. Her hands started to shake, her arms following the movement. Only a few seconds later did her whole entire body shake. As she shook, her table was wobbling with her, and plenty of her soup fell out, cascading onto the nice white table cloth. She looked like she was about to explode at any second. Before she could, she stood up and stumbled out of her chair, almost falling because of her four inch heels. Her brow furrowed and her pupils got as big as the sun, glowing just as red too. She stormed out of the doorway looking as red as Clifford the Big Red Dog.
I followed the lady out of the door and down the corridor to the left. I lost her for a second when the ship hit a big wave because I fell to the floor. Suddenly I heard the stomping of her feet and found her again. She wore a purple fitting dress, maybe too fitted, with red trim and also wore striking, red heels. She was crying which didn't make her look good at all, with her puffy face, black smeared eyes, and a lot of freckles. "I beg your pardon" I said, which seemed to have startled her, “are you alright?" I questioned. She looked at me and for a second I sensed she was actually going to answer me, like any normal person would have done. But then her brows furrowed, as I have seen before, and she started shouting at me! “What are you looking at!?!” Her face turned red, redder, reddest, until she gave me a humph and strolled away as if it had never happened.
I continued to follow her. My friends were probably expecting me to be back soon, but I couldn’t resist the urge to know what had made her so furious and where she was even going. As I was tip-toeing behind her, her feet were clacking so obnoxiously loud that I bet everyone on the boat could hear it. We turned many times, going this way then that until she finally stopped at a monstrous looking door. The door was engraved with winding flowers and vines crawling up, and twisting, with a flower in the middle every now and then. She looked from side to side cautiously, probably wondering if I had followed her. When she concluded that I hadn’t, she pulled out a golden key. This key was not an ordinary key; this key is one of those keys that you’d find for an old mansion that hid tons of secrets just waiting for you to discover them.
She was slowly putting the key into the lock. After a few seconds I heard the resounding click I had been waiting for, excited to see what was on the other side of the mysterious looking door. She turned the knob as slowly as she could and when she finally swung the door open something I never expected happened. “I’m glad I got your attention, Evan McCall.” I watched from my hiding place, which was behind a shrub inside a decently sized planter. How does she know my name? “I know your there Evan, come out behind that shrub…..I can see you.” I cautiously moved from my hiding place, wondering how in the world she knows my name. “…………H-how do you know my name?” I question, mentally slapping myself for sounding so wimpish. She strolled from the door and came towards me.
As she moved out of the way of the door, I peered inside to see an entry way with a long hallway, doors on either side. The walls were colored a blinding shade of red and there were gold paintings of the ocean, big and blue, acting as a foil to set off the bright red. I heard her talking but I couldn’t break my eyes from the hall. “Evan, what are you staring at? Oh yes, my suite, there aren’t many rooms, are there?” I look at her astonished, “How do you know my name....?” I continued to ask. She looked at me, annoyed, with her eyes rolling and a grunt of frustration. “We will get that later. Now come inside.” I tried to argue, knowing that going into a strange, probably bi-polar lady’s suite would be a bad idea but she walked into the entry way without a second glance. What could be the harm, I thought.
I strolled in, but before I could get a better look to see what else was inside, she beckoned me. “Where are you taking me?” I persisted, “How do you know my name? Why did you throw that big fit at the dining room?” She stopped at one of the first doors looking back at me as she pulled out the same key that she had used before. “Evan, your questions are getting very annoying.” She put the key into the lock. How is that going to work, I wondered. It’s the same key as the one she used to open up the main door. I heard a click and looked quizzically at her. She slyly smiled back at me and walked through the door. “Sit down why don’t you.” She said. As I sat down I noticed that I was sitting in the living room, it had a roaring fire and a nice red velvet couch, which was just so comfy when I sunk into it. “Evan I want you to stay here while I go freshen up, the performance I made back in the dining hall probably made me look a wreck. Be right back.” She said. Before I could answer her she had gone through the door we had just come through, shutting it behind her.
This is getting really weird I say to myself, I better get out of here. I reluctantly got up from the couch and try to open the door. To my surprise the door wouldn’t budge. Has she just locked me in? Well I will just have to wait till she gets back. I look around to see numerous paintings on the wall. All of them were, again, of oceans. Well I guess that is accurate since we are in a boat, in the ocean. I also see there is a small bookcase and surprisingly all of the books are all classics. Moby Dick, The Lord of the Rings, and ugh The Lord of the Flies. I personally don’t like Lord of the Flies. I got disinterested after seeing Lord of the Flies was there and decided to sit down. Wow how long is this lady going to take? Buzzzzz. Ugh, I look at my phone to see that Finn, my friend has texted me. Where r ya? We’re gonna go to bed, k? Txt me back when ya can. What do I tell Finn, I think to myself?
Before I could text Finn back, the door swung open with the lady I had seen before looking much better and a beautiful lady standing beside her in the door way. “Evan, nice to see you are still here. I haven’t properly introduced myself, my name is Miranda and this is Audrey.” I looked at Miranda noticing now that she looks a lot older than she did before, maybe 50 or 45 years old. She had short blonde hair, a long, pointed nose with freckles dotted all around it, and a curvy body. She was now wearing a ruffled, purple shirt, with a simple, black skirt. She looked much plainer now then she did before. The girl standing next to her named Audrey had bright coppery, reddish hair that corkscrewed down to her shoulders. She also had bright evergreen eyes and a button nose. She was wearing a flowing white blouse with long black, fitted pants, and some brown, lace-up shoes.
“I couldn’t even leave, you locked the door and yes I have plenty of questions. Why am I here? Why did you make a huge scene at the dining room? How do you know my name?” I remarked. Miranda scowled and replied “I was just trying to make conversation, well, now that you’re here I will answer all the questions you have for me.” Audrey sighed and with a bored expression she sat down on the armchair beside me, “Is this going to take all night, Miranda? I have got better things to do then listen to this little boy learn the ropes around here.”
Is Audrey talking about me, a little boy? I am almost 17 years old and she calls me a little boy! “I am seventeen,” I replied, “I am not a little boy.” Audrey gave a stare that was telling me to shut-up. God, what is this girl’s problem? Audrey rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” She sighed and slunk back in her armchair. Miranda scrunched her nose in a frustrated look towards Audrey, “Well Evan, I am from a top secret agency called I.S.A, the International Spy Agency, we have been watching you for such a long time, practically since you were born, your parents were part of the I.S.A. They were the most excellent agents we have ever seen; unfortunately they died, as you know. But, what you don’t know is that they died on one of their missions trying to defeat the most notorious group of people in the world.”

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