JuJu part 2

May 7, 2013
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The silver light woke me up, the night was over and the morning light was here. I stretched, my tail and back up and my face and paws on the ground. I looked over to see my bother and two sisters still sleeping. Than i heard a shriek! I jumped and almost pounced three feet. I calmed back down, now realizing that it was the women's little son crying. it was OK, the only that was bothersome was that my brother and sister woke up, they needed their sleep as much as i probably did. After the crying was all over and my brother and sisters and i had played paw the tail games the woman came back to us. "you guys, we are going to the vet today just so you can get checked out, than I'm going to make kitten fore sale signs". she got a box out of the back closet and stuck us inside. i was so scared to be in a box again i was shivering. it was pitch black for the longest time and then finally could see light, it was the woman peering down at us. She carried the box into a big building and sat down on a bench. After a lot of waiting a woman with red frizzy hair came over and picked me up. She brought me to a room looking at me, shinning a light at me, and also poking needles into me, and then it was all black. When i woke up i was in the car with all my siblings, back to the ladies house.
The next morning we all sat there getting picked up by different stranger and also we got patted an till i was to tired to stand up. And than i heard it, the first goodbye of one of my sisters, a little meow, a girl about eight whisking her away, never to be seen again. All of a sudden i realized that this was a goodbye ceremony and that i should not be happy. It was about a half an hour before a couple about in their thirties walk in with there toddler. Not a second before they were carrying out my sister. I waited a long and painful time before a girl about fourteen, a boy about eight, and another girl about for walk in. They took along time to choose but finally they picked me up,so soon to be sad i started saying goodbye to my brother but than i realized that he was coming too.

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