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Tragic Love

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“I’m breaking up with you...” Silas said
Those were the words that I never thought I’d hear.
The morning before...
Silas and I have been together for 2 years. He bought me a promise ring and given me gifts almost every day. But today, for some reason, he didn’t have one.
“Weird,” I thought out loud.
I wandered over to him and I noticed how nervous he looked. He’s probably nervous about a test or something. But I wasn’t so sure...
“Hey babe. I missed you! What’s wrong?” I said.
“Oh...Um...Nothing. I’m fine. I need to talk to you later. Will your Aunt let you ride to the park with me?” Silas said really weirdly.
“Yeah. She will. But if you have to talk to me, do it now before class starts,” I replied.
“No! This’ll have to wait. It’s important,” He said shakily.
“Oh... Well, Seeya.”
I started walking away, hoping that he’d run up to me, grab my arm, and tell me that everything would be okay.
But he didn’t.
After school Silas took Bridget to the park, sat down on a bench, and completely said his feelings. He didn’t hold back. He broke up with her and it was for no apparent reason. Bridget never did find out the reason, but Silas went into his car, started it up, and just left Bridget there... Crying, Sad, Mortified.

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