The flight

May 9, 2013
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The Flight

I always dreaded flying, but look at me now walking into an airport. It’s not necessarily that I hate height’s its more I am afraid the plane is going to crash. I walked up to the ticket booth and wait in line. The whole time I am in line I think to myself am I sure I want to do this even thou I don’t really have a choice. I buy my ticket from American Airlines finding out how overpriced they are and start to head to security. Then I see the largest line I my eyes have ever beheld before in my life time. So I walked up not sure what to do. After about twenty minutes it’s my turn and I walk through the security. Then after walking through the massive airport for what seemed like an hour I finally arrived at my gate and the ineffable was right before me. But I looked up at the board at the departing flights and saw mine was delayed from a snow storm and I would have to spend the night in an airport which was streaking out the suspense of getting on the plane. I had to tell myself multiple times throughout the trip why I should not leave now. The night went on and on but then the snow storm finally passed and the intercom buzzed and called my row of seats so I slowly dragged my feet to the entryway and gave the person my ticket and walked in the plane. Once I got on I saw how narrow it really was and even worse my seat was right near the cockpit of the plane. I looked around and saw there were only seven other people on the plane with me including the pilots. Then the engine started and in a second we were off the ground fling towards my destination. My twin brother called in the middle of the night and said I had to drop everything and fly out to Washington but he would not tell me why he needed me and why I had to be there in such a hurry. I don’t even remember the reason for why I said yes but all I know is I am headed there and there is no turning back. About thirty minutes in to the trip I heard shouting coming from the c*** pit not sure what it was I stood up just as a flight attendant came running out in a panic. She was mumbling something about the pilot and then the plane oxygen masks came out of the ceiling and the plane stated to noise dive to the ground and I passed out. When I woke up I walked over to the cockpit to find the pilot dead and the attendant try to call for help. I asked what is going on and through crying she mumble out that the pilot had a heart attack. Then it hit me my worst fear is going to become true, the plane is going to crash. The attendant said that operations are not answering the distress signal that was sent out. My brother had flight experience and he taught me some things but I knew they wouldn’t be near helpful in this situation, when I told the flight attendant this she didn’t hesitate in asking if I could help in landing the plane. As I saw there was no other choice but I told her that I couldn’t but she insisted. I tried everything but when things couldn’t get worse the landing gear wouldn’t work. Then I blacked out for the second time that day. Only to wake up in my twin brothers house tired and confused. He asked me how the flight was and I told him we it was crashing and then I woke up here. He laughed like he didn’t believe me and said I must have been dreaming. Then I came to the realization that maybe it was just a dream and I slept there the flight. Then as one thought to the next was rushing through my head I realized something why did my brother want me to visit. So I got up to ask him and that’s when he told me. I didn’t believe it at first, I couldn’t it was impossible. But deep down I knew it was true and I faced the truth face first. The truth my brother told me was that my whole life was a lie. We are not twin brothers, but something much worse. He said that when he was born the government started testing in different and new fields of research. He told me that all my memories where an experience from another person’s live and that in fact my whole life was a lie. I asked him without hesitation what this meant and before he could answer I figured it out on my own. I was in fact a clone from a different person. This means that all of my fears, memories, and thoughts were someone else’s and that person died in a plane crash.

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