Not a Child, Not an Adult... What am I

May 5, 2013
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Not a Child, Not an Adult….What Am I

Being an adult takes a lot of responsibility. You have to make the effort to become successful enough to sustain a stable income and environment for yourself. Since it is so much work why not take advantage of your time being able to be a child, that’s just how I think. If I was to decide a percentage of how adult like and how child like I am, I would say I am 70% child and 30% adult. I enjoy being treated as an adult but like the freedom of being a child.

As I have grown older I have learned the responsibilities of being a mature, young adult but I still have much more to learn. Recently, in the past few years of my life I have done some pretty adult like acts and truly made a great impression on my parents and peers as a mature young student. Recently during midterm week my parents were appalled at the work and time I put into each and every midterm test that I had coming up. I spent hours upon hour studying and doing many example questions to be 100% prepared for the upcoming exams. I let my mom know ahead of time, thinking it was the adult like thing to do, that I was not prepared for my social studies test. She was disappointed but I studied harder. After taking all my exams and getting my grades back I got a 94 on my social studies exam, 90 on my biology exam and 95 on my geometry exam. My parents and friends were so proud of me and even I was proud of my self. I truly felt like an adult, I knew what had to be done and put it upon my self to make sure that I knew the material for all of my exams. It taught me a great and famous lesson that hard work really pays off. Although this one experience shows me that I do have some adult like characteristics I still believe that I am more of a child.

Some people claim that it is a bad thing to be childish, but I think it is perfectly fine for a teenager or young kid to act childish at times. Why not take advantage of being young and able to do childish things, when in just a few years you are going to have to get serious and enter the real world with loads of responsibility. I try to enjoy being a kid, one example that reminds me of why I am still more of a child than an adult is my nightly routine every weekend. At around twelve o clock every Friday and Saturday I go downstairs to my kitchen, watch Sponge bob, and dip chips ahoy cookies in milk. Although it might be childish it is one of the most enjoyable things I do during the week. Another childish act that my mom always exclaims is when I ask her to scratch my back. Getting my back scratched is the best feeling in the world. Whenever my mom is around I always ask her to scratch my back, it is the one thing I will always ask for even when I am an adult. I have many stories and reasons of why I am still childish but I do posses the ideas of an adult and understand that later in life when it is time to be an adult there are many new responsibilities to be taken on.

As I grow older and become an adult I will eventually lose the child like things that I enjoy and begin to do more mature things. The switch from being a kid to becoming an adult is always a hard one for almost all people. Some people take years to even realize that they are not a child anymore. I hope that when it comes time I do keep some of my child like characteristics but become the best adult possible.

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