I Still Remember

April 19, 2013
I still remember that day. How the rain looked on your face. The way the sky looked, like it never was going to be sunny. Every again. It would just rain and rain and we would fall farther and farther down, falling through this tunnel spiraling downward. The light and our hope gone. I still remember when we first meet him, the perfect little boy. I still remember the way the sun shinned on his face and his hair, it turned it into gold. His smile light up the room and suddenly we knew that our life would never be the same. I still remember when he came to our house the first time. His stunned face, eyes wide in shock when he looked at his new bedroom. He ran through every room of our house, he brought light and sunshine in our dreary life. I still remember what it felt like to hug him to feel his heart beat. I still remember life before the doctor told us the news. I still remember my heart breaking, you yelling and him crying. We did everything that we could, and he fought it so hard. I still can’t say that word. I still remember holding his hand, feeling it go limp and get cold. I still remember when he closed his eyes for the last time. At that moment the world turned bleak, the sun stopped shining. The day his and our life ended. I still remember seeing him being lowered into that grave, but it felt like we were the ones being buried instead. I still remember him and happiness. I still remember better days. Do you?

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