True Love

April 18, 2013
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True Love By Cherokee Walker

Everyday she waited for so long, on a too cold night. At least colder than she’s used to, but anyone could guess the recent events had that effect on her. Still sitting on that cold metal bench, she couldn’t help but think of him. The rain slowly caressing her skin as it fell and slid down her cheek, chin and chest; tickling her skin. She closed her eyes as the dark night sky and wind blew gently against her skin. Gripping the metal seat tightly with mixed emotion; squinting her eyes. Her watch kept ticking seemingly very loudly; 2:58am.
A soft clicking noise as each second went by, her heart getting heavier as it grasped onto its very being waiting with anticipation. Trying to stop it from deteriorating, from disappearing into the black abyss which was her body. 2:59 Am. As it kept ticking she waited unable to divert her eyes from the emptiness ahead. The times they’ve spent were not flashing before her eyes as she once considered they would, She just realized how full of life she was without him but couldn’t bare going on without knowing he’s there with her; Unable to stop from entering this devilishly inviting world, asking for pain. Unable to know what was coming.
3:00Am. Unable to say and wait any longer, she abruptly she launched herself full forcedly off the slippery bend down a dark alley that appeared to become darker with each step. Only think heard was the pitter patter of the rain and a strange distant hum of the wind in her ears.

She began making her way through the alley ducking and dodging under every object in sight until she was standing in front of his seemingly larger house. She waited for so long, the rain slowed to a trickled down to a stop. At least she had arrived; she attempted to keep breathing once she appeared in front of his house. He was there but the house looked abandoned except for the few candles that were lit in front of the window. She waited patiently pacing back and forth on the sidewalk, still damp from the freshly fallen rain, waiting for him to come out.
It was really dark outside that night, not even the moon wanted to see what could go down. Everyone was asleep, but at the moment she didn’t care. A dark figure appeared in the door way as she stands stiller than a light post, obviously hearing him, her posture relaxed a bit knowing he’s near. She paced back and forth waiting for him to come out of the shadows of his house so she is able to make out his beautiful face in the street light that shines bright tonight. Her hands start shaking each moment he takes a step away from the house.
She was afraid for once in her life. From what could happened between them and she just wasn’t ready to lose him, not when needed him the most. What if he doesn’t like me anymore? What if there’s someone else? She thought to herself. All that she was able to think of or utter from her shaking lips once his face was finally illuminated from the street like was
“Please assure me that my happiness was not just taken away!”
Stepping closer to him not caring how loud she had become.
All that was racing through her mind at that point was the night he said he’d gone for good. The way his eyes seemed absolutely decided on what he wanted; his face locked into place, as his heart; cold as ice did the same.
Visibly scared and shivering from her damp clothes she waiting for him to come closer to her; with each step her heart picked up pace like his feet did. She didn’t know what he would do, unable to even really think straight she whispered with tears falling down her face.

“I love you…” with a sorrowful sigh after.

He had finally arrived in front of the scared, crying shivering young women looking down to her just staring into her eyes. Their eyes locked for 3 minutes straight when she was ready to storm off he grabbed her quickly pulled her close not caring she’s wet and kissed her. The kind of kiss you want on a rainy summer day that seems to make the moment and mood right no matter what has just happened. The kind of kiss that makes you yearn for more, sending pleasurable shivers down your spine. She began smiling, from then she knew everything would be alright.

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