The Pyscho Girlfriend

April 22, 2013
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The Psycho Girlfriend

“Things aren’t looking so good for you sweetie. The evidence is piling up against you as we speak. Apparently they found blood at the scene and it matches the sample you gave them.” Cassidy Clarke, my attorney and new best friend, told me as she took a seat across from me on at the metal table.

I kept my mouth shut, glaring at the grey brick wall directly across from me. None of this made sense. I didn’t do it so how the hell was all this evidence appearing? Was a wizard making things poof into existence from thin air?

“Sweetie I’m so sorry. I know you didn’t know it and I’m so very, very sorry that this is happening to you. Are you sure you can’t think of anything that could help?” Cass asked desperately, taking my hands in hers.

I shook my head, sparing a fleeting glance in her direction. I’d been over everything over and over in my head. None of this made sense.

According to the police, I’d caught up to him in the woods and confronted him. Once there, I had shot him repeatedly in the chest. During the whole ordeal, my phone had fallen from my pocket and I’d scratched myself on a branch, leaving behind my DNA. I also made sure to the murder weapon just lying there on the ground beside Brett’s dead body, though I had wiped my fingerprints off. Oh yeah, the victim just so happened to be Brett Lawson; my boyfriend and first love.

“Look, if you don’t give me something to go on, anything really, they’ll lock you away in a prison. The killer will be free to roam the streets, maybe even kill again. You don’t want that, do you?” I shook my head at Cass. “Good, now please give me something.”

I sighed and focused on the pretty defense attorney. She was petite with curly dark brown hair and big blue eyes. Despite her sweet exterior, I knew from personal experience that she was downright scary when you crossed her. Other than that though, she’s an angel.

“I’ve already told you everything. Several times in fact. Trust me; no one wants to figure this out as much as I do. This is my future, my life, that’s at stake.” I steadied my shaky voice. “Do you know what happens to girls like me in prison?”

Cass grimaced before getting up. She stared at me for a very long moment before going over to the thick metal door and knocking. On her way out she added, “We’ll figure this out, I promise.”

I nodded and smiled, thankful that someone was on my side. My family and friends had abandoned me from the get-go. Without Cass, I’d probably be rotting in a prison cell with a roommate that was actually capable of committing murder. Instead, I’m rotting in a holding cell across from a sleazy drug dealer and awaiting my impending doom.

An eternity later a police officer showed up to escort me back to my cell. It was Officer Gibing, the meanest, most rude man to ever go into law enforcement. He was short and stout with thinning mousy brown hair and a creepy pedophile type mustache. Worst of all was the beady brown eyes that pierced your soul. Overall, he reminded me of a rat.

He grabbed my arm roughly, lifting me up onto my feet. He didn’t say a word, instead dragging me towards the door. He walked seventy miles per hour so it was exhausting trying to keep up. Thankfully the walk to the holding cells was short, probably due to his eager pace.

I collapsed onto the uncomfortable, hard bed. I didn’t mind that that the bed was uncomfortable, that I’d probably catch some sort of disease from lying here. All I cared about was dozing off and escaping, even if for just a moment. As I stared at the dull beige ceiling above me, my eyes drooped closed and I fell fast asleep.


“I miss this. I miss us going to parties and having fun. I miss us being a couple.” Brett said with an earnest look on his handsome face.

“Shut up, you’re just saying that because you want to get laid.” I retorted, shoving him playfully.

“No seriously Miranda, I really miss us being together. Like seriously, why’d we ever break up?”

“We broke up because you couldn’t keep it in your pants. Now seriously, let’s go. It’s way too cold outside to just stand here.”

He got this sad look on his face but nodded, taking my hand and leading me away from the overcrowded house with the drunken, frisky teenagers. We kept walking until we were on my front stoop. He didn’t do kiss me and leave like he normally did. No, he pulled me down onto the porch swing beside him.

“Miranda, baby, you mean everything to me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And before you roll your eyes and say that we’re too young to even think like that, I want you to know I mean it. I…I love you Miranda.” Brett rushed out, not taking a breath until he was done.

I just stared at him, not knowing what to do. Do I tell him I love him? Do I tell him that I’m not ready for this level of commitment? All these thoughts and memories and fears and doubts rushed through me all at once. I need air. But I’m outside; there’s tons of air out here. I…I can’t breathe.

“Miranda? Baby, are you okay?”

I shook my head, gasping for air. He grabbed both sides of my face and looked me in the eye with a serious look on his face.

“Focus Miranda; focus on me. Come on, just breathe. You can do it.”

I sucked in a shaky breathe, a shutter rocking my body. As I calmed down, I was able to collect my thoughts. Then it dawned on me. I did love him. I loved him just as much as he said he loved me. So I told him so.

“Brett, I…I love you too.”

The smile he gave me was breathtaking. He kissed me, leaving me breathless once again. Despite the taste of alcohol on his breathe, it was the best damn kiss I’d ever had. Eventually we parted, both grinning like idiots.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see a shadow dart past, going around the side of the house. I ignored it, debunking it as my imagination. What mattered was the amazing boy sitting beside me.

After what seemed like hours, he pointed out that I was shaking from the cold and that I should get inside. He kissed me one last time before jumping down the porch steps.

“Wait, do you need a ride home?”

He shook his head, “Nope, I’m taking the shortcut through the woods.”

I made a face. “Are you sure that’s safe?”

“Miranda, come on. It’s not like I’ll get murdered on my way home. Goodnight babe.”

“Night Brett.” I smiled, “I love you.”

“Love you too sweetheart.” With that he walked away, leaving me alone on my porch. He walked across the street to the edge of the dense woods, following a path that led towards downtown, where he lived.

I turned around, unlocking the door and going back inside. The warm air was welcoming. Having worn just a tight white dress that was strapless and reached just below my butt, I’d almost frozen out there. Who knew it got so cold during the spring.

“Where were you? Don’t you know curfew was two hours ago?” Leah, my twin sister, said as she came down the stairs, startling me.

“Seriously, it’s two already? Wow…” I trailed off, giggling when I recalled the events prior to this.

“What’s got you all giggly Miranda? Drink too much at the party?” Leah teased with a smirk playing on her gorgeous face.

“Nope.” I replied nonchalantly, kicking off my dark blue heels. I picked that up and walked past her, about to go upstairs. Then I noticed her appearance.

Leah was all dolled up in a dark red sweater and black leggings. Her hair, the same golden blonde shade as mine, was curled into ringlets. Her face was even all done up. And what’s this, Leah’s wearing heels? But she’s a flats type of girl.

“What, you got a hot date?” I teased. “Your timing is weird though. Who sneaks out after a party is already almost over?”

“I’m not going to a party. I left my phone over at Anna’s and I want it back.” She explained.

“Yeah okay, sure. Have fun with Anna.” I rolled my eyes before going upstairs.

“Oh I plan on it,” She called softly as the door clicked shut behind her.

I wasn’t long until I collapsed face down on my bed, sinking into the bed and the oblivion that sleep offered.


“You know, they say only the guilty sleep in prison.” Leah said through the bars.

I shrugged, not bothering a glance in her direction. Sure, she’d told the police that I’d came home and went upstairs but then she’d pointed out that she’d went over to her friend’s house so she wasn’t sure if I’d left straight after that. Yeah, darling sister she is, isn’t she?

“I know you didn’t do it.” She told me, earning a confused glare from me. “Oh don’t give me that look. I know you’re not capable of doing something like that. You wouldn’t hurt anyone. Well, not intentionally at least. Too bad no one knows you like I do. It’d save us a lot of trouble with this whole ordeal.”

“Seriously?” I exploded. “How dare you? You just waltz in her and act like you actually care? You know what, screw you! I don’t give a damn about anything you have to say.” I sucked in a breath and tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill. “It doesn’t matter what you have to say. Everyone thinks I did it. In everyone’s mind, I’m the murder. There’s no way out of this.”
“Sweetheart, don’t talk like that. You’ll get through this.” She encouraged meekly.

I rolled my eyes. “No, no I won’t get through this. There’s too much evidence against me.”

We were silent for a moment until she said, “Can you think of anyone else who could have done this?”

I was so sick of hearing that question. Like seriously.

“I’m done. I’m done with all this.” I muttered darkly, glaring at the floor.

“Miranda, you’re my twin; my other half. Literally, we were the same egg or something. I need you out here in the real world with me. I can’t have you in prison; I’d hardly ever get to see you.” Leah whined, pouting ever so slightly.

Oh of course, let’s turn this into a pity party for Leah. Because Heaven forbid that Leah be distressed over this. Plus, we’re not even that close. Like seriously, who the hell is she trying to impress?

I sighed, lowering my head. Looking up through my lashes at my twin, I responded as gently as I could.

“Look Leah, I know you’re trying to be nice or helpful or whatever, but I’m really not in the mood. Just…go please.”

She nodded but stuck her hand through the bars. I stood, walking over to her. I took her hand in mine. I was getting ready to say something all sweet and loving and sisterly but then I noticed the lack of jewelry on her hand.

“Where the hell is your ring?” I demanded, ripping my hand away.

A guilty look came on her face as she lowered her head and backed away.

“Leah, what the hell? Are you really that ashamed that you can’t even wear our rings anymore?” I demanded, tearing up.

“I’m so sorry Miranda.” She whispered hoarsely before leaving me alone in my cell.

I yelled after her calling her a backstabbing b**** and any other insult I could think of. How dare she?

They’d been her idea; the rings that is. I recalled the moment she’d handed me that ring.

It’d been our twelfth birthday. I’d been upset because Dad was working and Mom was sick. We’d spent our birthday alone. But that had been fine because I had my best friend, my twin, with me all day. She’d found me in the backyard making a daisy chain headband out of Mom’s prized daisies.

“Hey sis, I have a surprise for you.” Leah said, grinning excitedly. She tossed something at me. The something was a gold ring that was just a little too big for my small hand. “I have one just like it,” She told me, holding out her hand for me to see.

“It’s pretty. Where’d you get them?” I asked, sliding it on my ring finger. I reasoned that rings go on the ring finger. It made sense, right?

“That antique shop downtown. Do you like it?” She’d asked as she began to make her own daisy chain.

“I love it. Thanks sis.”

“You’re welcome.” Her daisy chain fell apart, earning a glare from my twin.

“Here,” I handed her my finished chain then started the process over.

“Make a promise to me?” She asked, setting the headband made of flowers on top of her fluffy blonde hair.

I nodded, completely focused on the task at hand. I’d bec0me a pro at these, much to the distaste of my mother and the gardener.

“Promise that we’ll both wear these rings until we’re not twins anymore.” She said simply, picking a daisy and bringing it to her nose.

I looked up, confusion evident on my childish face. “Aren’t we always going to be twins?”

“That’s the point. Now promise.” She demanded again, tossing the daisy she’d plucked aside.

“Promise.” I said as I set the new daisy chain on my head.

That was how it had happened. She’d made me promise not to take it off and here she was without hers, spouting insincere encouragement. Well screw her and her broken promises. I’m done with her. I’m done with everyone.


It all made sense now. How I didn’t see it earlier is beyond me. But what truly befuddled me was that the police hadn’t figured it out. I had to say though; I’m truly shocked, and slightly disappointed, that they’d framed me. There was only one person so cold and calculating, so vengeful that they could have killed Brett in cold blood. I just can’t believe it. How could they?

I smiled sadly as Cass ran into the questioning room, her face alight with anticipation.

“What do you have for me sweetie? Please tell me you’ve got something.” Cass begged as she paced the length of the small room.

“Cass, I know who did it. I know who framed me.” I told her.

She paused, turning to look at me incredulously. “Really?”

I nodded, smiling sadly.

“Who?” She asked, eyes wide with disbelief.

I told her, almost chocking on the name as I said it. Cass stared in disbelief before muttering, “Oh baby. I did not see that coming.”


“You had me going for a while. Seriously, I had no idea who it could’ve been.” I said, breaking the silence that had plagued us since I’d walked through the door.

We were in the Applegate Penitentiary visitation room. Since I’d gotten there ten minutes ago, all we’d done was sit and stare at each other.

“Why’d you do it?” I asked, looking at the person I’d admired since I was a child.

“I loved him.” She said simply. “I loved him and he loved me. The entire time, he was cheating on you with me. Those other girls were me. It was only me. He only ever loved me!” She screamed.

“Miss, are you alright?” The guard near us asked me, taking a few steps forward.

I nod, looking back at the person who’d almost ruined my entire life. The guard didn’t move, watching us like a hawk.
“If you loved him so much, why’d you kill him?” I asked, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

There had been no trial. After I’d told Cass about my theory, the cops had showed up and she’d confessed on the spot. She told them the entire story. There hadn’t even been a trial. Now, my name was cleared but I hadn’t moved on. I had hoped coming here would bring me some closure.

“He lied. He told me he loved me and it would always be the two of us. He told me that he’d leave you that night. He said we could be together, be publically together, after that. But no, he told you he loved you. He said that he wanted you. He lied. He lied. He lied, he lied, he lied!” She screamed hysterically.

“Miss I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” The guard said, stepping forward again.

“Hold on buddy, I’m not done yet.” I snapped at the guard, then quickly adding, “Please, just give me a few more minutes.”

He hesitantly nodded, crossing his beefy arms.

“I don’t know what to say to you. I came here for closure and nothing’s really…I don’t know…closing I guess. All I really want to know why you did it. I mean, I know you think that he loved you, but he didn’t. He and you…it never happened. I don’t know why you think you two were in love, but honestly, I don’t care. All I care about is the fact that you took him away from me. Oh and not to mention you tried to frame me for it. I guess what I’m really getting here is that you’re a psycho b**** and that I’m ashamed to say I even know you, none the less loved you.”

Surprisingly, I was calm. It was as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. It felt…great. It honestly felt great.

“Miranda…” She sobbed, reaching out for my hand.

I stepped back, looking at her. Her blonde hair wasn’t as shiny as it had been and her bright blue eyes were dull…empty even. The orange jumpsuit wasn’t flattering at all, especially with her complexion. Overall, she looked miserable. At least I know what I would look like if I’d gone to prison in her place.

I slid the ring off my finger and tossed it at her. “I don’t need the reminder.”

Leah said nothing as I walked out on her. From now on, all she’ll ever be is the psycho ‘girlfriend’ who killed my first love. And as far as I’m concerned, we are no longer twins.

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AudreyI said...
Apr. 26, 2013 at 6:12 pm
Wow. This was really good. I kind of guessed at her being the murderer, but it's still so good. I loved this. Great job! Really!
Sonni replied...
May 18, 2013 at 10:16 am
Thanks! :)
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