Fawn (not a deer)

April 20, 2013
By Blue Foster BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
Blue Foster BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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European Summer Draft 1.0

"Get out!" yelled 21-year old Fawn Wilton, "Our flight leaves in less than two hours!" Fawn gave up on banging on the bathroom door and walked back into the hotel suite's living room. "Chill out sis," Fawn's younger brother(by two minutes, as he would have pointed out), Xavier, said while lounging on the couch "us of all people, miss our flight?" He was right, Fawn thought. She'd given up trying to count the numbers of times she had been in a airport years ago. Her family had never lived in one place for more than a year or two and traveled for vacations even more frequently; if airport navigation was an Olympic sport, the Wilton triplets would be gold medalists. "I don't want to be late," Fawn replied "and at the rate our turtle-like brother is going we will be." "Fawn-" Xavier's reply was cut off by the turtle himself.

"Ah nothing like a shower to make me feel like a new man." Fawn scowled at her older brother(by two minutes)."Jasper, now of all times you decide to shower .You're not even dressed yet. We are so going to be late." "Look Europe isn't going anywhere." Jasper joked. "Yeah, but our flight is!" Fawn said even more exasperated then before." Ok then it's time to go" Xavier said always trying to make peace, as the youngest should. "To JFK airport, away!" Cheered Jasper. Fawn rolled her eyes trying to hide a smile. Her brothers seemed to think it was their mission in life to drive her insane, but she would admit, when she was in an inexplicably good mood- most likely after a little shopping, that she was lucky to have them around. "Jasper you can't seriously go out that door with just a towel on." He snorted "Fine, I'll go change, but I really think most of the female population of Manhattan might not have minded."

When Jasper came back they left the St. Regis en route to the airport. People stared at the three and nether Jasper, Xavier or Fawn liked it . Guy's looked at Xavier and Jasper as a threat but they looked at Fawn like the new Sports Illustrated swim suit edition. That made Jasper and Xavier furious. Girls on the other hand flirted with the Xavier and Jasper at any chance they got. And that made Fawn consider taking up mass homicide as a new hobby. Another reason people flocked to them like lint on the new Ralph Lauren vintage wool sweater is because they were rich, they had more money than they knew what to do with. They had everything and anything. Fawn wore designer clothes, some imported from Paris or Milan. And the guys looked like something out of a Brooks Brothers catalog. They could get anything they wanted, with charm or money. As they arrived at the airport they received their usual looks. They were done with check in bags, security, and finding their gate in almost half an hour -a new record.

"I saw a Dunkin Donuts down there and I'm going" said Jasper "Orders?" "Boston kreme donut", Fawn replied "Ooh packing on the calories sis?" Jasper joked. Fawn shoved him off the seat. "And a LOW FAT frappe chino." she added." X " Jasper asked."Oh, a coffee coolada and chocolate chip muffin" Xavier replied." And for me a blueberry muffin with whipped cream and a chocolate milk" Fawn smiled and shook her head. Jasper walked down to the Dunkin Donuts and froze when he noticed a girl standing next to the line. She was easily the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen before in his life. But that was just the beginning, she had long, red hair that waved halfway down her back and bright emerald green eyes. After retrieving his jaw from the floor, Jasper decided that it was time to turn on the charm and make his move. "Hey, need some help there?" The girl, who was conveniently laden down with three coffees and two paper bags, turned and smiled."Really? Thank you so much, I'm just down at Gate 3." Jasper, who was now carrying a coffee and one of the bags, was shocked, but in a good, happy sort of way "No way," he said smiling "I am too. You're on flight 124 to Heathrow ?" She smiled back and nodded "Yeah, I'm travelling with my brother and sister" . "Cool, I'm with my younger brother and sister." They arrived at her seat. Jasper was so caught up in the girl he didn't even notice the two people sitting in the seats. "Well, thanks for helping me. Oh! I'm Noel." she said while smiling. Jasper caught his cool and said " Jasper" he stuck out his hand and she shock it. " Noel" said an extremely muscled guy in the chair behind them. He bent his head and scrunched his eye brows. "Shut up!" Noel murmured through her teeth as she smiled and kicked the guy in the shin. "This is my brother Dante" she said gesturing to the heavily muscled guy in the seat" and this is my sister Nicole" pointing to a girl who looked exactly like Noel. "We're all triplets." " Is that really necessary to tell a complete stranger" grunted Dante as he snatched his coffee. " Well yeah" Noel said " I've known Jasper for at least four minutes." she shot a dagger glare at Dante. Instead of shutting up, like a normal person, he decided to continue talking. " If I were you I wouldn't introduce my four minute boyfriend to my family" All of a sudden, instead of seeing the hot girl he met at a donut shop Jasper looked at Mount St Helen before it irrupted. " Well there's one flaw in your comment, Dante, you're not me and you don't make my decisions and you don't own my life!" The flames in her emerald eyes rose as the tension between the equally scary glares seemed to grow every second." Ok you two lets go get a magazine or something" said Nicole. Jasper realized that was the first time she had spoken the whole time. " Jasper don’t you have to go? " she said without taking her eyes off her siblings like if she looked away they would kill each other. Then again they probably would. "Right bye Noel. See you later." Jasper inched away from the bickering triplets. Before Noel could say a quick bye or wait she yelled at Dante" See what you did!" and the fight continued. Only by going a few isles over jasper returned to his siblings. Compared to the troubled triplets he had seen before, Xavier and Fawn could have been angels. Fawn was quietly reading a magazine and Xavier was playing Angry Birds on his IPod. "Hey where have you been" asked Fawn "And where is our food?"jasper had just realized that he had never even ordered. "Oh, right that." Jasper said but his mind was still on the pretty girl he met in line. "Hello, earth to Jasper come in Jasper." Xavier said as he waved his hands in front of his brothers face. "We have lost contact." Xavier said. Fawn looked at her magazine and saw a perfume add. She peeled apart the folded and stuck in Jaspers face. he immediately jumped out of his day dream and was back to reality. "Ok, that was not necessary. Now I can only smell Chanel."Fawn laughed and sniffed it herself. "whoa that is strong even for me."Jasper waved his hand in front of his face trying to get rid of the smell "Yeah you the queen of all high end smells."Fawn punched him in the arm."Don't you have food to get." she said. So Jasper went out and got the food. After he returned with an arm full of brown bags and plastic cups with little orange running men on them, he decided to tell his siblings the story about Noel but kind of got lost in describing her." She had this amazing hair and her eyes were so pretty like this emerald green and-."" Jasper!" Fawn snapped in front of his face jingling her charm bracelet ." You've been describing this girl for 5 whole minutes! Can you get on with the rest of the story." Jasper sighed and continued with the story. When he got to the part about the triplets Xavier said" Sweet there is one for each of us!" " Oh no! I don’t think that getting involved with them is a good idea." Fawn told her brothers " It's clear that they have some family issues and I don’t think that getting involved in a relationship like this is good idea.""Ah it sucks that you're a physiatrist!" said Jasper mopping in his chair. It was true that Fawn was physiatrist to help children who have been in abusive relationships or in a traumatic event." Trust me guys, you don’t want to get involved with them."" You're just jealous because the guy in the group is a jerk." mumbled Jasper."I m serious though, do want to get involved with a girl who has a protective jerk as a brother."" No but she was like totally hot and stuff and you’re the worst and right so humph." Jasper just pouted like a baby. Luckily fawn had spent her entire life with him and knew how to deal with his tantrums." I buy you some chips when we get back to London okay?"" Sweet!" jasper yelled and bounced out of his chair." Now why don’t you go and charm your way into letting us get on first by flirting with the lady at the desk." replied Fawn. Jasper made a wry smile and walked over to the desk. Fawn smiled and shook her head. Something about his British accent just made women swoon but it did come in handy like making you sound smarter then you actually are. Fawn grinned as she watched the lady at the desk giggle and nod her head. Jasper trotted back over to their seats and said " She is going make sure that we get on first as long as you are my sister or cousin." he winked at his sister. Fawn smiled and waved at the lady at the desk. The lady let out a sigh of relief." Now X you get to charm the flight attendant into getting us free stuff." said Fawn. The three siblings laughed. Fawn had a strong feeling that they were going to be alright.

The author's comments:
This is about some interesting characters who try and make it through the airport.

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