Love doesn't die

April 6, 2013
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"She's been getting..... Clingy. I know we've been dating for a while, but I don't know if I love her yet." 
John looked at me like I lost my mind. 
"Dude! I've known you since you were two, and out of your thousands of ex-girlfriends, I've never seen you as in love as you are with Brianna! C'mon. You can practice with me. Say you love me." 
"Whatever dude. When you get your mind straight, talk to me. I gotta go home, it's already nine. My mom will kill me if I'm past my curfew again."
I watched him drop the game controller and leave. I understand that he wants me to express my love to Brianna, but why is he getting so emotional? It's my relationship, not his. Hours go by until 12:58 is printed on my clock in fluorescent green, and I start getting into bed. Just as I doze away from reality I hear my phone buzz, it's Brianna. She probably is just saying goodnight. Instead of opening it and confirming my belief, I fall asleep. 
"RIIIIINNNNGGGG! RIIIIINNNNGGGG!" It's almost 8 am on a Saturday morning, who's calling me and what could it possibly be to be more important than sleep? Unknown caller ID. I answer anyways. 
"Uh.... Hello?" I say, still groggy from sleep.
"Brandon? Brandon is this you? Please come by the house..... I need you..... I mean, the police need you too..... Brianna was killed."
I didn't say anything, just froze where I was. How is she dead? She texted me last night. The text! I open my text messages and read, not worrying about her mother who I just hung up on. 
"Hey, where are you babe? I was on my way home but the car broke down by that creepy street. Do you think you can come pick me up? Love you."
No way. Absolutely no way. It was my fault she's gone. I could have gotten to her before any stalker could. Why am I so stupid?!
5 years later....
"One rose please, red."
The clerk passes me the brightest red rose. I get in my black car with the black leather interior. Everything in my world became dark when she left. As I slowly drive by the spot, I start talking to her like she's next to me. 
"Hi bri. Did you know John got a scholarship? Stanford. Pretty impressive. Well, I just came to say hi. So..... Hi. "
I put the rose on the sidewalk, next to the others. I've been coming here everyday ever since She left. I just can't get over her. I get in the car and put the key in the ignition when I remember something. Getting out a scrap piece of paper and pen, I scribble a note down and jog to put it near the rose. I leave, not looking back. 
"Brianna, I love you too."

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