I Love You Too, Ana

April 5, 2013
By my_story14 SILVER, Melissa, Texas
my_story14 SILVER, Melissa, Texas
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Tell me I can't and I will, watch me.

"Wait- hello? Is it on? Okay, here we go. Hi there! My name is Ana and these will be the last you hear of me. Sad?... Good, that means you will remember me.

This is no suicide video or a run-away. I actually don't want to... die, but it's what has to happen. Tomorrow, I lose my heart- forever.

You see, there's this girl. She's very little and full of life and hope, but the devil and all his cruelty wants to see good people crumble. I can't let him win, so I said, 'I deserve to die! Take me instead!' He said yes. This girl- has heart cancer.

I can't bare to see her little crystal eyes close for good- I'd rather see mine. I deserve it. I am a terrible person. Someone died because of me! I pushed him over the edge! He was amazing! Everyone on this damned planet is! I'm just the person too blind to realize their magnificence, but her- she opened my eyes. I remember walking up to her as tears deemed from her eyes and bending down. Something blew over me and I whispered, 'You are gorgeous.'

She pulled her head up and spit, while crying, 'No! I'm ugly! Boys are bald! Not girls! Why don't I just die!'

I was so heart-broken, I couldn't speak. I then found her weeping parents and found out all I needed to know. I finally made the decision and didn't even bother to confront my parents. They wouldn't have cared in the first place.

I went up to her hospital and consulted the doctor. He ran some tests and said I was qualified. He asked if I was positive I wanted to do this. I said I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

I know, they could have taken a dead body's heart, but what are the chances of it still working? At least that what I believe. She needed to know that she will always be loved. I wish I could tell her this now, but I want her to have something to remember me by.

So, here I am! I am Ana- the human sacrifice and as to you, Julie. I love you. Even though I don't know you, you do not deserve to think you need to die. You deserve to do great things! More than I do. Remember that. So, I better get going now. It's almost time for the operation. See you in a few..."


The author's comments:
Hi, I am Julie.

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