summer sweethearts

April 3, 2013
On the beach of Cabo, San Lucas on a Saturday morning at 7 am. I am waking up to the bright sun blinding my eyes as I stretch and yawn .I am hearing the sounds of the calming waves going back an fourth.

I wake up to the best view looking towards the ocean. The birds flying over the gentle water making squeaky noises calm me.The fluffy clouds drift lazily above me.

As I step on to the warm sand it felt like a summer day out. I enjoyed strolling through the beach getting my feet wet. The best part is laying out on the beach with my friends. Feeling the burning hot sun touching our skin, we cover our skin in sunscreen. Looking at the boys on their surf boards out in the ocean, I would laugh when they fall.

We all run into the ocean and splash ourselves with the cool water after lying out in the sun for hours. We were exhausted. Then we threw each other into the blue sparking water. That’s when I met Léandre. He was 6ft tall, blue eyes, French, blonde surfer boy hair, rock hard abs and a tan straight off the bottle of Coppertone. He began playing with us in the water one thing lead on to another when he asked me out to dinner .I said YES!!!!! He took me to a fancy restaurant we got to know each other better .We had a lovely conversation .He invited me over to his hotel room he asked me if I wanted to watch the sunset with him from his room .He said “I have the best view, but it would be better with you.’’ I could not say no to that, so as we got up to his room it was the perfect time .The sun was setting. He took my hand, pulled me up to him and kissed me. We stayed up all night chatting and laughing. He told me that in the morning he had to fly back to his hometown. I got really sad that we weren’t going to be able to spend the last few days of summer together.

The next morning Léandre and I took a cab to the airport. He gave me one last kiss and hug. As he walked away, I could smell his cologne. It brought nothing but happiness to my heart. Going back home, I thought about all the wonderful memories that happened this summer. Deep inside of me, there will always be a part of me that will always love Léandre, my summer sweetheart.

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