March 28, 2013
By Osesie SILVER, Abuja, Other
Osesie SILVER, Abuja, Other
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Christ in me, the hope of Glory!!!!!! -The Holy Bible.
Just cuz every one does a thing doesn't make it right.

Sam looked down at old picture and wished she could make that face again. She had lost the smile some time ago. She had lost happiness a long time ago. Her eyes had even gotten dried up off tears. She dropped the picture in her purse and walked down the lonely walkway. The sun was setting and casting an orange glow on earth.

The wind picked up slowly as she ambled letting her hair fly in the wind. Her heart was heavy and her mind was sore. Sam stopped at her lonesome house. It was a little bungalow with withered plants beside it. Sam opened the oaken door and stepped into her dark house. Was it because the light bulb was off or was the dark memories that lingered that made the house dark? Sam switched on the light bulb in the living room and went straight to the kitchen. She opened the almost empty refrigerator and

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