I Gotchu Bro

March 26, 2013
“Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” clumps of hair cascade from Jacob’s head. “Hey, watch it bro.” “I gotchu, stop resisting,” exclaimed Jacob’s brother, Tommy. This was Jacob’s first tour in Afghanistan and Tommy’s third tour. Both brothers loved supporting their country in any way possible. Military training was grueling but at night when everything was quiet, the brothers would catch up and reminisce about childhood. “Psst. Jacob, after this tour I’m getting out, I have a kid to raise. If anything should happen to me, I want you to take care of my family. Deal?” “Gotchu,” replied Jacob.

“Pleased to meet you men,” a man in uniform proceeded towards the brothers with his arm outstretched. “Your mission is to travel to a village ninety clicks east from this base. At the village you will meet up with Commander Collins, he will brief you on your next objective.” Next, the two brothers, along with ten other armed men huddled into two Humvees. The whole ride Jacob was whispering to himself and shaking. Tommy whispered to him, “You feeling alright?” “Yeah, never better,” said Jacob. This was Jacob’s first ride in a Humvee.

“BOOM!” The first Humvee exploded into a fiery assortment of pieces. Along with it, five men, with families, gone just like that. “Bomb! Turn off the road now!” yelled Tommy. The vehicle veered off of the road instantaneously. Jacob threw up all over the window. Jacob looked to Tommy laughing, “Just like that roller coaster ride years back.” Tommy chuckled, but stayed alert with his eyes on the road the rest of the way to the village.

Finally the Humvee arrived at the village. The remaining soldiers scattered out of the vehicle and searched the perimeter for Commander Collins. They found him in the main mausoleum. His lifeless body lay on the ground. “Roll him over,” ordered Tommy. Two men went over to the corpse and rolled him over. Then came a beep and the two soldiers were incinerated into nothing. “Get down!” yelled Tommy. Jacob listened and dropped to the ground. The other soldier was close to the explosion and had a ringing in his ears. He held his face and whirled round and round. Three armed Taliban sprinted into the room and shot at the soldier. He dropped to his knees still under fire.

The Taliban inspected the dead body and headed towards Tommy and Jacob. They laid on the floor in an attempt to fool the Taliban. They moved closer and Tommy jumped to his feet. He aimed and took fire. He shot to kill and saved his brother. The last Taliban placed three shots into Tommy’s midsection. Jacob finished off his brother’s work and grabbed Tommy in his arms. He called in for evacuation. Jacob ran with his brother over his shoulder all the way to the helicopter. Jacob cried and cried. Tommy was still breathing. He said, “Just like that roller coaster ride years back.” Jacob smiled. “Don’t leave me bro,” he mumbled. Tommy broke off his dog tag and placed it into his brother’s hand. “No Tommy, not like this. I gotchu bro.”

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