The Burden.

March 24, 2013
By InsaneAmbition BRONZE, Prestonsburg, Kentucky
InsaneAmbition BRONZE, Prestonsburg, Kentucky
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An optimistic owl speaking words of wisdom to a simplistic crow.
The owl speaking in a tongue not frozen to any man, nor woman.
Only mistaken for a charismatic fellow, an owl banned from life and tarnished to hell.
A spoken memory of a dream or a tale from a broken man whom has stolen hearts and souls of innocents.
Bearing with him a locket of safe keeping, too hide the cruel, unusual, and unexpected things he has stolen and kept for himself.

The owl spoken of, Not an owl at all, just a man spoken of to protect his soul from the corrupted.
The corrupted, from which his mind and heart, has created.
The man, scared and forgotten by life, fears that all he has done will affect what and whom he wants to change too.
They say there is forgiveness in everyone’s soul, the potential to forgive is in all of us, waiting to be awoken and released.
He bleeds as he begs for that forgiveness to be awoken.
He waits in silence, as the crows surround his soul.

The Crows spoken of, not crows at all.
They’re really, his guilty pleasures his corrupted and broken soul which had stolen from defenseless souls and hearts warmed and boiled by his mistakes.
Will there ever be any forgiveness fount for this man?

In a distance not to far from the man,
Stands in accordance a woman, staring and watching as the man is being surrounded by his guilty, and unforgotten guilty pleasures.
She watches in attendance,
She speaks to the man..
Mumbling words of encouragement,
The man seeing the lips moving in accordance but doesn’t hear, why?
Because his soul and body is too deep into find where she is and too far under to hear her screams.
As he seems to be slowly slipping away, he feels a tug on his soul, an actually tug on her shirt..
Pulling him up out of his guilty mistaken ways, stands the woman facing him with a cheerful but yet elegant smile.
He awakes to the moment when the woman is staring upon his eyes, seeing the soul that he has tarnished and noticing the mistakes, bleeding from his pores in his skin.
She looks into his eyes, and gazes upon his body, surging a kiss through his icy veins, cleansing him of his impurities.
Destroying all of the guilt.
Forming what has left him into her own body.
He then passes out from all of his cleansing…

He awakes later in life, to realize the girl to save him from his nightmares, was indeed his soul mate.
He ponders for years over who she was or had been in life, always wondering her name; but never receiving an answer.

Death came to him in a dream one summer night, asking him if he enjoyed “Cheating Death?” The man spoke with a tongue of forgotten knowledge, stating, “No, I wish I had the life and name of my soul mate back with me.”
Death turns his head in sudden disbelief, seeing that the man has changed and is somehow different.
The man continuing his gaze upon death’s robes of silence and his unseen posture of any man; wondering what and why he was visiting him in a dream.
Death suddenly speaks, in a soft spoken voice, asking, “Do you wish to see her?”
Out of sudden confusion the man, responds with “Yes! Please!”
Begging and pleading with Death.
Death fades from view, leaving the man to awake to nothing…

Years later on a dark and gloomy day, Death visits him on his death bed.
The guilty man, looks upon death’s face for the first time and asks, “May I see her now, before I die?”
Deaths turning his hand over his eyes and closing them, the man hears a sudden snap of fingers.
He awakes.
It’s the moment in time, when the woman who had saved his soul was saving his body as well.
He sees the woman saving him from his mistakes and uneasy choices.
As he watches from a far with death standing next to him, he sees who the woman was..
He sees one of the many women whom he had come to break and tear apart.
It was his second girlfriend from his broken life.
A girl whom had given up her soul for his, just so he could live for years and achieve something great.
Death tells him how she loved him even after he had stolen her heart and broke it.
She still loved him after all his guilty mistakes.

The man dies.

At the gates of heaven, he is asked, “What would you change about your previous life? All of the mistakes you made?”
He then looks into the angels eyes and speaks with a tender yet and broken heart, “No, just the one I made when I broke her heart and left her all alone.”

The End.

The author's comments:
This was intended to be a "Free Verse" poem that told a story. I hope you enjoy it!

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