The Abandoned Countryside

February 27, 2013
Maria had grown up in the country but for some reason things seemed strange. Less and less people were outside, the cows weren’t producing any milk at all, neither were the goats, which stopped the cheese production of most farmers.
Chickens and ducks were not laying eggs, so mayonnaise production was stopped and there were no new hatchlings to feed, and no chicken or duck to eat for dinner for most of the farmers. Horses refusing to be ridden and the sky was always dark.
It was like the moon, sun and stars had been swallowed up. The grass was very thick, and the weeds were very tall and thick, too. Rivers and streams were dirtier and moving very quickly and were quite deep. The soil was very dry and unusable. Not much wind could be felt.
Maria left her house to find out what was going on, she walked forward toward Annabelle’s farm. She saw the sign after about two miles of grass and felt her feet touch the bottom step of the porch and she carefully proceeded to the door and knocked, then listened for any kind of reply, but none came.
Maria walked to the nearest window and peeked through to see if anyone was inside but all she saw was darkness. Feeling discouraged, she turned to head home. Suddenly, Maria had the urge to look up, and she saw millions of crows looking at her hungrily.
Maria decided to leave and headed home. Once she reached home, she went into her house and grabbed everything out of it and went to her truck parked outside. She drove to the city and looked for a newspaper. This is what it said in an article :“ The countryside was evacuated today due to bad pests and spreading diseases only contagious to animals. If you enter there, be careful!” Maria now knew why her home was so bare and quiet.
She went to a hotel signed in for the night and went to sleep. Three days later it was safe to go back home to the farm.

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