February 27, 2013
A homeless child named Amelia was sneaking into a concert. The concert was located near a national forest, the concert consisted of four bands Amelia liked. Amelia wore a white plain t-shirt and a browns hoodie, jeans and white tennis shoes. All of Amelia’s clothes were covered in dirt.

Amelia’s hair was brown and it was tangled also knotted due to not being brushed or washed. Her skin was pale and had a few scars from being snagged on bushes. She was slightly underweight due to not eating for 3 months. But Amelia was smiling due to seeing her favorite bands.

Amelia was only 10 years old and she finally got to see a concert of her favorite bands, until the police caught sight of her without a ticket or adult. The police then began to chase Amelia she ran out of the concert grounds her heart pounding. Once Amelia reached the street that was three miles away from the concert. Amelia stopped knowing she wouldn’t get very far soon a police car showed up and placed her in the back of the car.
The police officer asked Amelia if she had parents and where they were. Amelia told the officer truthfully that she had no parents, but she didn’t know why but she completely knew she did not have any family at all. The officer shook his head sadly then told Amelia he was going to take her somewhere safe and warned her not to go unauthorized into a concert.

Amelia nodded then waited as the officer told her to put on a seat belt. Amelia buckled the seat belt and faced forward till the officer started the engine and began pulling away from the street closest to the concert. The police car stopped in-front of the only nearest orphanage and asked Amelia nicely to unbuckle her seatbelt and wait for him by the passenger door. Amelia did as she was told and when the officer got out of the car he walked up to the orphanage door and opened it for Amelia she walked in curiously but also shyly.
Both Amelia and the officer walked up to the front desk and the officer explained Amelia’s situation, the lady at the front desk smiled at Amelia and said that she would give her a tour of the orphanage. Amelia followed the lady but in a way wanted to stay behind with the officer. They walked up to a withered brown door with a black knob this room was Amelia’s it contained a clean white sheeted bunk bed and a oak dresser also a small closet.
The lady informed Amelia that tomorrow was going to possibly be her chance at being adopted into a family. Also she informed Amelia that a toothbrush and other necessary supplies were supplied for Amelia’s use. Amelia settled into the warm bunk bed and instantly fell asleep till next morning a couple walked into her room when she was awake and ready for breakfast. Amelia looked at the couple smiling and then they asked Amelia if she wanted adopted.

Amelia said yes now she lives in a comforting brick home with two parents.

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