“Men at Lunch”

March 17, 2013
By RohitMathew SILVER, Elmont, New York
RohitMathew SILVER, Elmont, New York
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Eating lunch atop the city is something not many do. Many think it is scary, but it isn’t frightening one bit, well unless if you are an Irish. If you look at the last man in the line of men, you would see a real man looking at the camera. Yes that is I Patrick Glynn, but many just call me “Sonny”. I am an Irish immigrant who came to the Americas when I was just a small lad. So yes, I know more about America than I do of my homeland, Ireland. Matty O'Shaughnessy is the man all the way to the left lighting a cigar. He is the other Irish immigrant that came from Ireland a couple of years before the construction of this RCA building began. He does not know a lot about the Americas as I do, but he surely knows a lot about our homeland, Ireland. The man sitting next to Matty is his friend Thomas Frank. Thomas is from the states, specifically from Pennsylvania. He has lived in a family that farm, so he is used to the climate due to the fact he works outside often. The lad sitting next to him is Alex Sweeny. He is from right here in New York, but his family probably originated from England. He told me that is family has resided here about 12 years before he was born. The man sitting to the right of Sweeny is Abraham Brooke. He is also from New York. His family has been here in the Americas for quite some generations. Oddly enough, his birthday is on the same as mine. So when we both get gifts, he tends to be the jealous one who doesn’t get the best gifts on his birthday compared to me. Yes indeed I am a lucky man! The next man up is John Mason. He is from New Jersey, but his families have some Irish origins here and there. He is from a middle class family who was greatly impacted by the Great Depression that was happening during this time. I still think to my self, how does America still afford to build skyscrapers during this period of time? Next to John is my ole’ friend Jack Matthews. We have been friends for many years. Who knew we would end up at the same job? This brings back many memories as a little sonny. Next up is Harry William. Most of us call him muscle–buff due to the fact he is strong. He tends to show off his body and tries to make many of us jealous. Next to Harry is his younger brother George Matthews. They both worked here mostly because is was the only option they had and its was the best way to make money during the depression of America. He tends to know more on construction and he is also is a very intelligent person. If you ever have a question, it is best that you ask him first. The man wearing the white tang top sitting next to George is Joe Curtis. He didn’t go to school but he knew how to do math. He currently lives in New York along with his wife, who is expecting a child. The last man up sitting between Joe and I, is Bruce Smith. He lived in New York and New Jersey for many years before the depression because his father was a businessman. He used to be a wealthy man, but now he is not too wealthy. If he were rich, he would not even consider working here. So all these men you read and saw here were just few of the workers that worked on the RCA building. All the men here were my closest friends. These were all the men that were in the famous photo, Lunch atop a Skyscraper.

The author's comments:
This stort is in correspondence of the famous picture, "Lunch atop a Skyscraper."

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