The Walk Home

February 26, 2013
“Starlight star bright first star I see tonight. I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.” I whisper these words as I wait for a star to appear. The dark cool air is bothersome, but I sit under the tree that has lost all its leaves and watch the sky. My jaket is zipped up tight and my hands are clenched tightly in my pockets. I lean my head against the tree and close my eyes. I don’t worry about falling asleep because the sprinklers will come on in any minute.
“Five. . . Four… Three . . ” I stand up and begin my walk home. I take my time and count each line in the sidewalk. There is seven white cars, four blue, five black, and 6 red on my way home. Each one parked in a driveway some parked perfectly some a little crocked but all seem to be inside the pale concrete slabs. There are too many households with their lights on and too few at peace. There is a house where the husband gets in his care and speeds away. And as I watch the car speed away and turn onto the main street I know that, his wife and I both don’t know where he is going. There is a house four doors down from mine its number 4255. That is where a young blonde haired girl sits outside her front door. She cries silent tears. I would stop and ask if she is ok, but as soon as our eyes meet she stands and gets up and turns her back to me. She pauses for a moment in front of the door then she walks in. I take a total of twenty-two steps before I reach my next door neighbor’s house. It belongs to my grandparents. Only one is living behond the solid red door. She has silver hair and a sweater to match every holiday. My grandfather left her two years ago. My grandmother talks about her husband with such happiness and grace and never lets herself forget the love they shared. I turn my head and look at my home and walk over to my front steps. I sit on the top and once again huddle into a ball in an attempt to keep my body warm. As my walk home came to an end its hard to imagine all the struggles people face. How are we all not worn out and completely broken? There are many of us who will get up tomorrow and fight today just as we did the day before, with courage and strength to overcome today’s fears and challenges. I think my life isn’t so bad. I have two parents, a nice home, and a good group of friends, but sometimes I too wonder if there is more out there. Life is so full of magic and beauty I just want to see it all. I want to feel everything. We all want that I think, to live to the fullest. We just have to give life a chance. We always seem to ether be at war with ourselves or with someone else, which can be a road block to finding all the things we search for. Life can be complicated, but we can figure it out and all it takes is one shinning perfect star.
“Connor? You alright?” the same blonde haired girl seemed to look right inside of me as she asked that one question.”
“Yeah I was just thinking.”
“You wanna go for a walk?”
“I would love that. I know just the perfect place.”

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