February 18, 2013
The overbearing silence frightened her, as it was something she had not heard in a long time. She didn't remember how long, she had started to loose her sense of time around June. Now she could hear every second go by, like the batteries in the clock inside her head had been replaced. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. How it mocked her.

How long had it been since she was kidnapped? Months? Years? Did her family miss her? What about friends? Her boyfriend? Had he moved on? So many unanswered questions. Her biggest one, however, remained on the forefront of her mind. Why had she been kidnapped? Her kidnappers kept talking about something she had apparently stolen; but she hadn't stolen anything! She was just a normal girl living in a normal town, until she woke up one night in these captivating woods. Where was she, anyway? She could be right outside her house or in another country.
"First things first," you hear her say,"I have to get out of this forest."

Then suddenly she fell over an overgrown tree root. All of the pain of the torture she had suffered came rushing back to her. She tries to stand, but her now weak ankle failed to support her. Stranded and alone, you hear her speak again.
"So this is what freedom does to me."

Hours go by. Soon it will be dark and she has seen no sign of shelter. Just when you see her about to give up and just sleep in a tree, a road comes into view. Now out of the forest that captivated her, you hear her speak one last time.
"Freedom at last."

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