ugly betty

February 27, 2013
By Anonymous

The first day of school started, my face was crimson red, my clothes were ugly like an old egg, my hands and legs were wobbling, and it felt like I was falling into a bottomless well. All the kids made fun of me because my name was UGLY BETTY and the worst part is, is that all those that laughed at me, were in my class! Welcome to the 10th grade.
Life was challenging because I had two twin sisters; they were both pretty. Their names were Stephanie and Geniuses. They would always make fun of me because they were both pretty and I was the ugly one. They were 14 years old and my step mother would always make me do chores and not my step sisters. I got sick and tired of doing everything at my stepmother’s house.
The next day my sisters pretended to be sick and said, “Mommy, Ugly Betty made me sick.” But but I swear I didn’t. Then step mother said, “I don’t want to hear it go to your room.”
Then I went back to school and I was still nervous. They still were laughing at me. So I just went into class and I asked, “Can I be in a different class?”
The teacher said, “No honey I am sorry.” The school bell rang “ding, dong, ding, dong” oh no here comes trouble” I sat down. The teacher did attendance I was the 5th person to be called. The teacher said “Betty” I said “here.” So we went to P.E and played some volleyball. The teacher had to choose our teams and I was with all the girls and the boys were with the boys. So we played one game, the ball was coming to me, I was so frightened. I moved out of the way. Everybody got mad at me.
After it was break time, I told the teacher I don’t like volleyball can I sit out of P.E? “You are not going to sit out you can practice next to the basketball,” she said. “Ok ?”
After P.E., it was recces and I went to the office and asked them, “Can I go home? I don’t feel good.” But I was just faking it so I could go home. The office lady said fine but only for today. So I had to wait twenty minutes so my step mother got here.
My step mother finally got here and took me home. She asked me, “Why are you sick?”
“I am sick because my throat hurts.” My step mom said go to my room, I will not have any dinner.
I woke up and it was 6:00 o’clock the next morning. I got ready, I brushed my teeth, I put on my glasses, and I went to school and still everybody kept on laughing!

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