Star filled night

February 16, 2013
Stars, the stars above my head are not visible, but I know they are there. How do I know the stars are there if I cannot see them? Because if I am laying on my back looking up no matter the time of day, clouds, or roof I am under they are still there and I am below them.

I am listening to sweet sounds of light breathing, this breathing is not my own, it is the breathing of a man who stole my heart many years ago. His breathing is light and every so often he mutters something that you might here in an alien movie. His snoring is light, but still audible. I do not mind this sound, in fact many nights I lie awake waiting for these sounds. My heart fills with joy listening to him sleep.

The light of my paid doesn't disturb my sleeping partner, therefore I am lucky enough to capture the sleep of the one I love in words.

Love is something that is different to everyone, love isn't the same for any two people. My love is listening to the sounds he makes sleeping and the pure peacefulness that overcomes him. My only wish is to have sight of the stars above my head, what a beautiful sight they would be on a winters night with my love deep in slumber.

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