My Upside Down Life

February 7, 2013
Hi! My name is Becca Edwards and I know you are just dying to read about the dramas of my life. I had a fairly easy life until I got to 8th grade. That was when my life was put into a washer and turned on high.

It all started when I moved to the small town of Volare, Utah. Up to this point I had a couple good friends but no cute guys in sight. I mean there was tons of cute guys just none that were interested in shy almost invisible me. So when I heard we were moving I was estatic! I could start all over. Find someone I really like (who likes me back of course), have some awesome friends, and have the best life ever!

On the first day of school of 8th grade in a new school I made instant friends with Hailey. She had just moved from Alaska to here and we just clicked. What made it even better was that she talked and talked and talked! I could totally be myself. Later in the first week, Hailey invited me to sit with her and another one of her friends from her church. IT WAS A GUY! I couldn’t even look at him! It was horrible! As the days went on though and as I kept sitting by them I got to know the guy who’s name was Jake. He had brown hair and was on the shorter side. Perfect for the even shorter me.

One day when Hailey, Jake, and I were talking, Jake said that he liked somebody but to make it interesting we had to ask him questions and try to figure out who the girl was. My first thought when Jake said he liked someone was ITS ME! Maybe I was just desperate for someone to like me but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was me. Although, another part of me said that I was crazy. Nobody has ever really liked you, I thought, you can barely even talk to girls, forget about guys. So as the weeks went on Hailey and I would keep asking questions until finally we had a brilliant idea. We could ask Cassidy (who Jake had told who he liked). Running and trying to find Cassidy, the whole way I pleaded inside that the girl would be me.

Some of you may think that I’m the most stupid, desperate, and boy crazy person in the world and why in the world are you even reading this story but I promise you that this is how a lot of girls think. Everybody wants to be liked by somebody especially shy me who hasn’t had a conversation with a guy in lets just say a pretty long time until now.

When we found Cassidy she told us that it was one of us. In my mind I was thinking it is definitely me. But we didn’t know for sure so we decided to find Jake. When we did, it was mess. Cassidy came with us and Jake was mumbling the whole time since he knew we were pretty close to figuring it out.

Then Cassidy said, “Who has the last name Edwards?” Hailey turned towards me and smiled.

“It’s you!”
I turned towards Jake who was red but also smiling a little bit. I was just happy I wasn’t crazy to think that Jake liked me and just to add on to my happiness, I liked him too (of course I never told him that). Later that day, Hailey told me that Jake had kept asking her if I liked him. I just smiled and never answered. 1ST MISTAKE!

Lesson #1: If you find out or that somebody tells you that they like you then never ever do nothing! Either tell them you like them or just end it there and say you like them just as a friend at the moment.

Since I never said anything and just went on with my life, Jake got the wrong message and one day at lunch said he liked somebody else. Ironically it turned out to be Cassidy. I was ok though, I knew he wasn’t going to like me forever so I didn’t cry in the bathroom or decide to never speak to Jake again. At least I didn’t make that mistake.

Sooner than later I met a new guy who’s name was Mat. He was a little taller than Jake and had red hair. He was sweet and kind just like Jake. There was only one drawback, he was about as shy as me which made it really difficult to have a conversation. But he liked me and I liked him so it was all good.

The rest of 8th grade went mostly uneventful even though I still had feelings for Jake, but the rest of the year I just said I liked Mat. Although I did tell Hailey how I liked them both. Then one afternoon, when I was hanging out with Hailey she came out and said that she liked Mat. SHE LIKED MAT! I was the one that liked Mat! When Hailey had first met Mat she had hated him and even called him a turd. I thought she would never like him and I would never have this problem. I was jealous and that was that. If Hailey liked Mat then Mat would definitely like Hailey. She is so much easier to talk to then me. I just didn’t think I could compete with her. So for the next week I measured Hailey’s and my qualities trying to see who was better overall and who Mat would pick. 2ND MISTAKE!

Lesson #2: Never ever try to see who is better between you and your best friend. It puts a barrier between your friendship and who cares if your friend likes the same guy you do! If the guy truly likes you then he will still like you even if your friend says she likes him. Just always be yourself!

I soon got over myself and only a couple weeks later Hailey said she didn’t like Mat anymore anyways.


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