A Winter Memory

February 9, 2013
By mnbaloy3 BRONZE, Shorewood, Illinois
mnbaloy3 BRONZE, Shorewood, Illinois
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- Mia Hamm

We head down the street at twilight to the hill, already feeling frostbitten. It’s the middle of a fierce winter and a couple feet of snow lay on the ground. Winter has always been a time of happiness and this year was no different …except I was with him now. As I mount the sled, he suddenly jumps on behind me. One hefty push and we’re off speeding down the steep hill, laughing all the way. On one rather large bump we go flying, landing just a few feet away from each other. I lay there for a second laughing with him, and it’s the perfect moment to make a snow angel. So I do, giggling the whole time with my eyes closed. I stop and open my eyes and he’s there in front of me holding out his hand. I take him in: rosy cheeks and all. We both look ridiculous decked out in puffy coats, gloves, hats, the whole package. And he’s just looking down at me with those warm brown eyes I love so much, smiling that smile. My smile. The one he only gives me. I take his hand and he helps me up but I don’t let go and neither does he. Now just inches from each other, we’re going to kiss I can feel it… and I want to, it’s the possibility of what comes after that makes me hesitate. The kiss is slow and sweet and perfect. I can’t imagine ever feeling this way again. When we break apart, I can’t stop smiling, and neither can he. “You ok?” he asks his voice hesitant, almost shaky. I know him all too well to know that there’s more meaning behind that question than he lets on. So I take his hand and smile. “Never better,” I say and it’s so nice to mean it.

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