The Wait

February 4, 2013
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I hold up my coffee to the sky , frequently adjusting it with one eye closed so that the sun rays pass right through the brown handle and make it look like its shining. The sun is setting now after its daily walk over the world of millions of people. Over highs and lows , over minds that think and over the hopes of many that fear to even wink. I am on my roof with my butt placed on the raised edge of my terrace which has no boundary walls. I hang my legs down to the window of my room. In one hand is the my-very-long-time-obssesion daily coffee mug with hot stirred up cappucino and the other hand i choose to keep on the little bit lower part of the terrace at my back so as to prevent myself from falling down. I also decided to carry a book with me today. In case I get bored of staring at the sky today; which I never do. But minds do flicker and mine does a lot often. Therefore the book. Its on my lap and amidst the clouds of thought that form very often when I come to this place I occasionaly stare at the cover page of it. It's appealing - the reason I picked it up from the bookstore when I went there the last Saturday. A forest which has trees lined up in a row - A plantation as geography would term it. And as if inspired by me that too has the sun rays falling at just the right angles through the leaves and making it appear Yellowish- orange. A shade i have fallen in love with in the past years . And on the side is the title " Absolute Love " . It has been enough of describing random things now. Although I love doing it ! Love is never defined by books and words I suppose. Every person has a different meaning of it. Different memories attached to it. Different ideas of how to relish it. And different incidents which have made them realise it. Anyway. I gave up my thoughts on love just then. Its irrelavant to think about it when I know it shall never come to me. :) And of by chance it does its tacos tacos then. I have events of the whole day in my mind . And how life has changed in the previous month. It has been a whole lot different in here. People have become less wanted. Memories more cherished. Studies more looked into. Things more adorned. Little things more noticed. And REAL things even more NEEDED. The life I was in till now seems to be fake. And what I had thought I was has been proved wrong by people. I talk less and act more now. I love less and ignore( the unwanted and fake people ) more now. In short , I dream less and live more now. Life is happier this way , something I had never imagined. I have a few who love me and those are the ones who really do. I have a only a few whom I can count on ,but when I say that really means that they'll be there. I can actually write a thesis on PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOUR now. But I wait. For them to prove that the negatives are wrong. For them to correct the words that I will sow about them. And for them to actually give a direction to the trees they are growing into. Eventually So that the thesis that I write has only positive things . And for that I may have to wait forever....
Its time to hit back to the house now . Workout. Homework. Daily things and to the people I LOVE. MORE THAN ALL THESE THINGS. Tadaa folks :)

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ank1107 said...
Feb. 17, 2013 at 11:30 pm
So proud of you ADITI!!!!!! :D  :D  :D
AditiPandey replied...
Jul. 13, 2013 at 7:37 am
Ty ankit bhaiya :D
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