February 4, 2013
By Wolfgirl1399 BRONZE, Langley, Other
Wolfgirl1399 BRONZE, Langley, Other
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I stared at the grayish blue waves below as they hurled themselves against the jagged cliff edge. I stood there, just thinking how easy it would be to jump and end this painful life.

I kept staring at the waves below. What would happen if I didn't jump? Well, I would probably go on living. Except I never really felt like I was living.I don't feel any feelings except sadness and anger, I would have to go back to the hell everyone calls school. I would have to go on pretending that I was just a normal teenager, that nothing was wrong with my life, but I wasn't and I had more problems then most people would think. I could go talk to someone, a counselor or a friend. Except I don't have any friends, no one would talk to me. Besides, talking doesn't solve anything. If I did jump what would happen then? Sure, I wouldn't have to deal with life anymore but, when they find my lifeless body they would say that I had a perfect life, that there was no reason to end it, that my problems weren't real, I was being selfish and just trying to get attention. My parents, what would they say? Well, they wouldn't care. All they think about is there social status and how much of a disappointment I am to them.
The wind started to pick up, my raven black hair whipped violently against my pale face. I knew the time was now. I had to make my decision, jump and end it all or continue living. My decision was made. I looked over the rocky cliff side to the violent waves one last time. Then I jumped.

The author's comments:
Everyone has problems and everyone handls them differently.

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