February 8, 2013
By HayWay GOLD, Draper, Utah
HayWay GOLD, Draper, Utah
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The entire day had started out wrong. Not only was it an A day, I woke up ten minutes before school started and had to park at the bottom of the monstrosity known as “sophomore hill”. Half way up the looming peak, an ominous fog- one only January could bring- settled around me. A sulfuric smell wafted up to my nose, causing me to gag and trip over my bright red converse. A loud rip echoed around the emptying street and I cursed my luck under my breath. As if today wasn’t already bad enough…

By the time lunch came around I was so done with everything. I didn’t even bother getting through the sea of people so I wandered through empty hallways until I found a nice little corner. Too bad it was the normal corner where Kelly, Matt and I sat. I sighed deeply as Kelly sang my name in an annoying soprano voice. Sometimes I thought that girl would break Matt’s glasses with that voice! I pulled my right hand to push the sweeping bangs off my forehead when familiar shoes caught my eye. Red converse- nearly identical to mine- supported dark-washed jeaned legs. A sleek leather jacket covered his seemingly muscular arms crossed in front of his red shirt. I got to his wide set shoulders and strong jaw and I was already dissolving. His full lips were pulled into an adorable half smile and heart-melting dimples peaked out. All of my pent up anger disappeared when our eyes met. The calm sea stared into my poop brown eyes and heat flushed to my already warm cheeks.

“Hey, I’m Alan” He pushed a large hand towards me. Before I could even reach out to him, Kelly sabotaged a perfect meeting. Her lunch MAGICALLY found my pink face and the smell of sour milk made me retch. A fire lit in my throat and a shriek bubbled out of me. Warming milk slinked down my rosy cheeks and pasty ketchup stained my forehead and hairline. I ducked my head slightly and rushed to the nearest bathroom. Oh. My. Gosh! The ONE time my make-up looks nice, I get school venom thrown at my face! GAH! I rapidly pulled rough paper towels from the dispenser clinging to the brick wall and wetted the handfuls with a powerful stream of icy water.

By the time I was finally cleaned up and in my nasty gym t-shirt, the warning bell had rung and students were darting through emptying hallways. I slunk out of the bathroom to see Alan leaning against the bank of red lockers. I met his sympathetic gaze and heat jumped to my cheeks once again.

“Kelly and Matt bailed… Looked like you needed someone here.” He smiled mischievously and handed me my ratty messenger bag.

“It’s chill,” I sighed. “thanks for sticking around long enough to see me without milk and ketchup attacking my face” I laughed sarcastically.

“Ha, you don’t look too bad WITH it on!” I looked up to his almost towering height to see pink splotches staining his cheeks.

Maybe it wasn’t such a terribly awful day…

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