Enough is Enough

February 1, 2013
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My whole body ached as i crawled to my room, fighting the pain and trying not to cry. I had finally reached my bed when he came in and started beating me again. Every punch, every kick, and every curse he cursed. I couldn’t help but cry, but somehow I managed to take a deep breath.
“Bastard, you think beating your own daughter is going to make you a man? Haha, you’re a joke.” That’s all I remember from last night. When I woke up I was in a hospital, with pain everywhere. As usual my dad was “sorry” for what he had done. I don’t know why i still put up with this s***.
“Kassandra how are you feeling sweetheart?”
But he wouldn’t take me to just any hospital... Of course he’d take me to James D Hospital, where my Tia Susan worked.

“Like s***.”
“What did you do this time Kassandra?! You know your father doesn’t like smart asses”

“Tia, please don’t start.”
“He messed you up pretty bad, you have a few broken ribs and a broken arm.”

“Ha, not the worse he’s done.”
“This should help you with the pain.” She injected something into my arm.
“How’s my princess feeling?” said my father as he walked up to me with flowers in his hand and a teddy bear in the other.
“Don’t get anywhere near me you bastard!”
All eyes were on me. But enough is enough, I can’t take this anymore. Ever since my mom had left my dad has become a monster.
“Princess, what are you doing?”
I could see how his smile had tensed up. I took a deep breath and looked around the room. I noticed how plain these hospitals look. And the smell is plain also, they need some febreeze or something in here. But the one thing that really caught was my eye was the granny across from me, she looked completely paralyzed. She was looking right at me, it felt like she was looking into my soul because I suddenly got the chills.

“Miss, is there a problem here?”
Had I really yelled that loud that a got an officer’s attention?

“I’m not your princess. I’m not your anything. GET AWAY FROM ME. STAY AWAY PLEASE. I don’t want you to keep on hurting me anymore. Enough is enough dad. I’ve stood by you all this time because I know mom leaving had affected you. But haven’t you thought how it’s affected me? I’m your daughter! YOUR OWN BLOOD. And you treat me like a freakin’ punching bag...” I started dazing off, I think the meds were finally kicking in because everything went black... And it stayed black for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was dead or alive anymore. It was as if I was in some sort of dream. My whole life was flashing before me. From when I was born, my first birthday, getting my first bicycle, learning how to read and write and also the day my mom left. I was about five years old. She had gotten home from the store and set me down on my bed.
“Kassy. Baby, Momma’s going on a business trip. I need you to sleep and when you wake up Daddy will be here. I’m going to be gone and you’ll father will be a mess but just-”
“When are you coming back Mommy?”
“I still don’t know mija, but mommy loves you okay? Very, very much okay? Don’t you ever forget that.”
“Mommy I don’t want you to leave me.”
“Kassandra, mommy has to leave.”
“Can I go with you mommy?”
“No baby. Here I’ll make you a deal. You fall asleep right now and when you wake up there will be a special surprise waiting for you. Something amazing. You’ll love it!”
“Really mommy?! What is it?! Can I know?!”
“Haha, you have to wait and find out! Now sleep!”
She kissed my forehead. “I love you mommy.”
“I love you too baby.”
I felt a tear hit my face but didn’t pay much attention. Later when I woke up there it was a teddy bear two times bigger than I was laying right next to me. I was so happy. I hopped out of my bed.
“Daddy!” I saw him sitting on the couch with a bottle in his hand. I ran up to hug him and he pushed me away. I wanted to cry.
“What’s wrong daddy?”
“Nothing Kassandra. Go to your room.”
Something in me told me to go to my room. I lay down in my bed next to my teddy bear and cried. Then everything went black. As if my soul was being sucked out of me. Maybe God thought it was my time to go. That enough was enough.

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