January 18, 2013
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She stared into the mirror. The girl looking back could not be her though she knew it was. Scars ran up and down her forearms from when she needed to take her frustration out on something. She could have easily told a friend about her sad life except, she had none. She was the lonely girl who no one knew the name of. No one talked to her and she did not talk to anyone in return. It wasn’t because she was mute or anti -social she was just shy, though everyone thought otherwise. She pulled down the sleeves of her jacket and grabbed her backpack as her bus slowed to a stop. She was running away. Away from her so called home. Away from her town. Away from her school were not even the teachers knew her name. As her bus pulled to a stop before her she took one final look around. Everything was still the same, life moving on without her. She walked up the steps of the bus and took a seat at the very back. As the bus slowly pulled away from the town the girl started her journey for her destiny, because that was what she was, the only good thing her parents had done for her, name her destiny.

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