Day of Darkness(Ransom #2)

January 29, 2013
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Under a canopy of trees, the boy collapses, laughing with his best friend. He is but 12, but already knows he wants to be known. He has just streaked the newspaper office with his best friend.
“Dude, we are sooo gonna be mentioned for this one,” Ransom Cadwell says.
“Yeah we better. Dontcha think we’re going a bit far?” grunts his friend Carter Bradshea.
With a hard glint in his eye Ransom answers with a cold “No.”
Carter shudders at his friends barely contained anger. “Bro, you’re going a bit far.”
“Far? HA! I know nothing of the sort. I need recognition,” the answer came with a tinge of madness.
“Man, get ahold of yourself. You know what? I’m out.” Carter says, fear hidden in his tone.
Turning around, Ransom grabs Carter. Insanity controlling him, he spits out, “No. I can get recognition easily”. He then proceeds to stab his best friend to death. Ransom drags the body to an abandoned shed, setting fire within. Escaping just barely, his entire face is covered in burns. “They will know me,” he says, all traces of his former self burned in that fire.

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