Three Angel from God.

January 25, 2013
By Sefora SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
Sefora SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
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If you had to choose between, An Angel From God, A Therapist and a Teacher. Which one would you choose? I had the chance to get to know (3) three Special people. (3) Three People who had change my World. Without those 3 people, I don't even know how I would still be still standing today. Each of them has their own personalities, but inside, I categorize them as the same people. If you ask them for their names, I will answer you, "their names are Life Saver".

An Angel from God

I met that Angel the first time i visited a church in Manhattan with the family (aunt, uncle, sisters, and cousins). She was teaching Sunday school. Just by staring at her eyes, she transformed me. She made me wanted to talk to her after church, but that didn't happened. At first, all I did was sitting there and listen to the words and their Sounds that were coming from her mouth. Words that God had gave her to tell me and the rest of the kids. After Sunday school has ended I got to know her a little bit more.

She was so nice; she liked me, so did I. I felt a connection between me and That Angel. We started talking about schools, and other Stuff. The next following Sunday, she had come with a Lesson. A lesson that made me questioned me “Can she see what goes through my mind just by looking at me?". Because every single words of that lesson, was just like describing the way of life that I was in. And the answer that I needed in my Spiritual life.

I had been baptized back then. But she made me realize that, there are much more then been baptize. After that lesson, she wrote her phone number down in the board, for any reasons so we (the Students) could reach her at any time. i did not wrote it down physically, but I did visually. Two Weeks later I felt a need to call her. So I did. She was surprised, because I was so quiet in the classroom, and that I would never call her. But I did the opposite of what she had in her mind (call her). I got to know her much more. Then I realized that God have Special people that he use to save the life of other's that are in needs.

I asked her some questions that I really was struggling with, and she had the perfect Answers. Either the answers were painful or Hurtful to listen, but I admitted that it did help me so much. So much that I kept on calling her from time to time. Even though she is married, and has a family, (Which by the way I adore the two little kids, they are so adorable and so funny). But she never says “I’m sorry but I can’t talk to you” ever! She gave me the strength that I needed every day to live a better life. Sometimes I wished that she was a member of my family, but since it’s not the case, God had made his plan the way he wants to.

I thank God every day of my life. I count all of the blessings that I have in my life, just because of that Angel. We are really close now, that I feel so much better talking to her every day, anytime that I need to. She made me seeing the bright side of people. Before knowing her I was someone who would care about every single thing that is happening to me. Like if someone is talking negatively about me or else...but after meeting That Angel from God, she has changed my life, and the way I do or think about things in life. I feel so much comfortable talking to her, or asking her any type of questions. She is always open to answer them. Sometimes I know what I’ve just done was bad, but as soon as I call her she always have the right answer. She have no idea how much I missed her.

Since the month of August had started I stopped going to church there (Manahan). I miss so much from her: her lessons, the sounds of every single words, her hugs...ETC. One of the main reasons that made me so comfortable to talk to her like that is the fact that, even though she is a women between 34-35 years old. She always put herself in our shoes. She never criticizes what we (as teenagers) do wrong.
Can you imagine in the Haitian Culture, as long as I can remember from back then. When you do something wrong or something inconvenient, they will still judge you. Just like God, when you talk to him, he listen, he helps you and you can count on him. Trust him. Well that's her “The Angel from God". i thank God every day, but that is not enough to express my thankfulness to her.

A Therapist

You all know what a therapist does right? Talk to them and they will try their best to solve your problems. But I’ve met a counselor. I call him a “therapist", because they make the same kind of job, but in a different ways. I’ve known him for about 3 years. We never really talk, because of my shyness. It all began, the day I wrote my first story “A Fear in a Teenager's life". I taught by writing the story, it would please and help many of the teenagers out there. Everyone would Read it and like it. Give their point of views. For example what they like and what they don't like about it. Well, to make a long story short, other people took it the wrong way. Some of them taught the story was completely about me, others taught I was just too crazy.

When I first met him, I went to his office. I sat down, he took a looked at the story, and he actually liked it. I can say he loved it! At first he asked me some questions, but those three questions are the ones that I will never stop answering in my head:

* What makes you write about this?

*what do you want to do with this story?

*Are you thinking of being a Writer?

I did not answer him at first, because in the back of my head I taught he was just saying all those things to make it seems nice. But I was wrong. He was all sincere, and true. Few days later I went to his office and I told him that I needed to talk to him, and that it was urgent. The big problem that I had was that his office was always full with students. But when it comes to something Serious, he will make the time for you.
It was him and I in the office. I was so shy to look at him in the eyes. But he was patient with my shyness. He waited, and waited and waited. Finally I decided that I had to say something. At least answer one of his questions, because he had so many of them. I started by the questions that i felt was much more important. When I finished answering some of his questions, he understood where I was coming from.
He sat down and talked to me about how important it is to share what's inside of you with people. The first things that I Remember coming out of my mouth was “not everyone can be trusted with your secret". And he said “if I didn't Read the story that you wrote, I would never know how much talent have".

I was smiling, when I heard those words. The next following Day I went down to his office and shared more of what i had been working on. He always Read them, and tells me what he thinks of them. And he always says "A Talented Person like you shouldn't be hidden. Your work should be all over the place". i always laughed at this because look at me, a simple girl, with plenty of shyness. What can i achieve with that? But i was wrong. Because of him, i let many people read my story. Either it was my friends, my past English teacher, or other people that i felt like should read them to. i liked the fact that he always pushing me to write more and more every day that i could.
Junior year in high school was not the perfect year for me. But i survived because of the help of that one person "the therapist". i gave him that name because, the only difference that was, was i was at school not at an office of a Doctor. But i think he did more than a therapist should have done. I’ve assisted him helping hundreds of students every day. That they call him "Father”.
Well he deserved that title to by the way. He always takes the time to read and understand the reasons why i write. Not because I’m Crazy, or because I’m not like a normal teenager. But because writing is what i love. i can spend the rest of my life write about something, something that can change other people's life.
This therapist that I’m talking about is a father. i, personally consider myself as one of his children. Because he loves each one of the students. whoever you are, he will helps you through.


In my junior year, this was last year (2011). I had one of the most patient, kinds, respectful and understanding English teacher. When i first met him, he could already tell that I'm very shy, and won't expect me to talk in class, (which by the way, i never talk in class if the teacher do not ask me to. in his class i remember i was sitting in the back. i hate sitting in the back to tell you the truth. He was so patient with the Student; sometimes i wondered how could he be so kind with them. i know i wouldn't.

When i first started with the story “A Fear in a Teenager's lie" i told him that i was going to let him read a story that I’m actually writing. i was afraid that, he would say "NO". but he didn't. he actually said " i can't wait to read it". That made me happy. i did not even finished the story, i gave him half of the story, so he could read and tell me his point of view. He read it. Couple of weeks later, he gave it back to me and had a little confusions. i sat down with him and we talked. i only knew him for only 2 months, but i was so much comfortable talking to him about it.
He was so concerned about me, well i guess i got into a little trouble with the family. i was a lil bit mad at first, but if it did not pass that way, it could of been worst. I decided not to give him my stories after what happened (getting in trouble). but one of my aunt told me that if it was not for him not one would read it. well i guess i did gave him the rest of the story. He LOVED IT! i could tell by the expression on his face. Since that day i gave him the rest of the story, he asked me to write more and more. he inspired me to write my other stories.

Each time i have a story, he would be the first person to gave it to. i was pretty confident that he always wanted me to published them. I don't know why, but i guess it's because i was to shy to talk to other people to publish all of my work. i only had his class for 2 semesters, after that i still kept on giving the stories that i had been writing. and writing. He always help me in my needs, in school. Always making sure that i was okay. when i lied by saying "I’m okay", he could tell that i was lying. i so wish i could have him as my senior English this year.
i always thank God for giving me the opportunities to meet him, because as young as he is he understand better than some of the family. And in my junior year, it was the most challenging year for me. But i made it. I’m a senior now and praying that God help me through. (i know he will).

Those three people were the 3 important people outside of my family. I RESPECT them, LOVE them, EMBRANCE them for all the work that they have done with me. They might think that it's like doing something for someone in a everyday life. But for me its life saving, that's why i call them my "life savers". I don’t see those people every day, but i pray for them every day. Even if i gave them all the money in that world that would never be enough to show them my gratitude.

Thanks to, "The Angel from God, The therapist, and the teacher" I’m a new person. u might ask how?. I’m a new me spiritually, physically, and mentally. Spiritually because of the angel from God. Physically because of the therapist, and mentally because of the teacher.
Sometimes you might think that you don't need people in your life. That you don't need guidance in what you do in your everyday life, but you are wrong. Each one of us needs guidance. Either your young or old, you will always need Guidance from someone who had been through your situation. If you are talking to someone who never been through what you've been through, by explaining and by the tone of your voice they will understand. And they might even help you. You might be surprise that someone new just pop up into your life and tells you that he/she can help you.

There are many people who get help from others, who are not family. Sometimes even your own family doesn’t understand what you are going through. It takes someone out of your family to understand you. It's not because you are betraying your family, but fell more comfortable talking to someone else then them.

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