January 24, 2013
He snips for the mother who never loved him.
He snips for the father who never bothered to see him.
He snips for the person he never became.
The snipping gets deeper as he reminds himself of the person that he is.
He strikes a vein...
He washes his face in the hopes of a beautiful new day, something he always wished he had. To him, the days seem very long and tiresome. They are just full of pointless garbage and he is just the dumpster diver - doing the job he is supposed to do, but nothing ever comes out of it. He can never find anything special. It's as though the people in his life are made up of little paper dolls. Little friends, little family, and little support - only his imagination to really communicate with him.
It was the beginning of a new life. He would become unfamiliar with new towns, new streets, and a new home. It's moving day for him, his uncle, and his aunt. It's time for him to see a new perspective. Who knows, he may just forget about the past and actually attempt to create a future.
He sits in the car and says goodbye to the obnoxious rain, the jaded town, and the house full of painful memories and haunting reminders.
Overing Avenue seems quiet and docile. It's not like any other place he had seen. It was sunny, bright, promising. He looked at his arm, touching the marks of yesterday.
"Oh, hi! You must be the new neighbors!" A cheery, suburban woman proclaims to his uncle and aunt.
They exchange handshakes and small, welcoming hugs. Meanwhile, he leans against the car, still touching the marks.
"And this is my youngest daughter, Allison!" The suburbanate woman motions her daughter to step outside.
He stares, she stares back from afar. She walks over to him, and he can't help but notice her smooth, serendipitous smile and shiny blonde highlights.
"Nice to meet you," he speaks with a smile upon his face.
He snips for the woman he will love until the end of time.
He snips for the child they aspire to wait for.
He snips for the person he became.
He snips the photos of her and him together and pastes them into a tiny scrapbook. The future has just begun.

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