Valentines Day

January 22, 2013
It was February 14, the day of love, A crisp clean morning with a clear sky and a bright sun. As Erica walked out of her apartment she smelled then gases from all the cars.
“Ah the sweet smell of New York.” She muttered, always missing her country home back in Tennessee. Hailing a taxi she looked around out of habit and never noticed anything out of the ordinary. As the taxi pulled up to the curb she hopped in and gave the driver the address and started to close her eyes when the door opened and she felt a body press against her.
“Finally found you, ya little b****.” He whispered in her ear. The smell out cheap whiskey and the slight draw in the voice reminded her why she left Tennessee and horror swept through her like a wave. More loudly he said
“Thanks for holdin’ the taxi for me babe.” And slid his hand down from her shoulder to hold in what appeared to be an endearing way. In all reality the hand clamped down on her leg so she couldn’t move and her eyes slowly started to fill with tears from the pain and terror.
And the taxi drove off with her, her abusive ex, and an oblivious taxi driver never expecting her to pull a gun and shoot the man in the head.

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