Your Saviour

January 21, 2013
By Anonymous

One day, you'll feel pain. Not just any pain, true pain. Pain that aches your entire body and leaves you lying in bed for weeks. Pain that makes you build a wall to keep people out. Eventually, this pain you're feeling, it will make you push away everyone you care about and everyone that cares about you. It'll make well known faces become but a memory. Those memories will fade. This pain will drill you into depression. It'll make you think, "What is my purpose?" "Why am I still breathing?" Then comes the suicidal thoughts, the constant urge to die. The cutting, the burning, the starving, the bruising, the crying, the suicide attempts; all of these are next. Then comes the part where you don't want to even leave your house, then you don't want to leave your room, then you don't want to wake up. You have no motivation, no purpose to live. Or so you think. But, then someone walks into your life. Not just someone, but your someone. This someone will change your life, for the better. The pain will start fading, those memories will come back, those faces no longer a blur. No more harming yourself, your someone wouldn't want that, they won't let you, they made you promise. This someone is going to make you better, no matter how long it takes. They want you to be happy. They love you, the climb that wall you've built up and they reach the other side, and never take advantage of it. The day this person changes your life, you'll see that all the pain, the suffering, it's over, for good. And God is was this rainbow worth the rain. This someone, is your saviour.

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