January 17, 2013
"You see her?" asked Thomas while rising his eyebrows.Following the finger he was pointing, my eyes fell onto a s small black haired girl. She was standing across the hall with a group of taller girls, she didn't look like a high school-er. "what about her?" I ask. "She's full of poison." he said while shaking his head. He dropped his arm and looked at me. Confused I ask "What kind of poison?" Starring intensely at me he answers, "the kind that keeps you up at night." Confused even more I look over at this supposedly poison filled girl. She looks so innocent, but yet rough at the same time. As if she has had a hard past. my eyes flash back over to Thomas, who is still starring at me. I ask "which is?" In answer he turns and looks at her again and softly says "The Truth." I look over at her again, but this time in a different light. As she turns and returns my stare,I quietly say "oh."

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