January 17, 2013
By kandace james BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
kandace james BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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The sun light reached through the window and skipped across the square, glass table that sat on the right side of the room. A marble counter lay behind it and wrapped around to the corner of the kitchen. There are three, black stools underneath the counter. Beside the counter is a wooden door. On the left side of the kitchen stood a stainless steel refrigerator. Beside it was a metallic desk that had a silver microwave and toaster. A grey trashcan was placed next to the metallic desk, and below it all was a cream tiled floor that stretched across the entire room. There is an old, wooden chair that, with a plush cushion that sits in the center of it all.
Dev is franticly cleaning this immaculate Kitchen, just when his friend, Brandy knocks on the door.
Dev: 21 year old boy
Brandy: Dev’s friend who just likes to have fun.
Chip: Dev’s pal who s

Dev: Who is it?
Brandy: Brandy.
Dev: Umm, hey come in. Wait, first take off your shoes. I’m trying to clean the house.
Brandy: (looks down at her shoes.) Oh, well I just wanted to see if you wanted to go to the mall with me or ssomething?
Dev: (Wildly straightens up the house.)No I’m too busy.
Brandy: (In a persuading tone.) It just opened up! Besides you’re always too busy, why not take a break?
Dev: BECAUSE, I have to clean. Do you want me to live in a pig sty?
Brandy: No, but it seems like you’re always doing ssomething. It wouldn’t hurt to just unwind for a day.
Dev: Just as much as it doesn’t hurt to TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! You’re messing up my freshly polished floor.
Brandy: Whatever, I should have known you would have turned me down once again.
Dev: Ok well goodbye
Brandy: (Walks away and closes door.)Bye…
Dev: Ugh, look at this mess. (Wipes spot.) There is a spot on my table, (dust lamp) and some dust on my lamp what a mess….well I guess now it’s clean. Maybe I could take a little rest.
(He sits in his chair, and admires his clean house. Then, he remembers the other task that has to get finished.) (Jumps out of chair.) Man oh man; I forgot the most important thing! I have to cook corn on the cob and chili for the county fair! (Picks up a bowl and begins to pour ssomething in it.)Hundreds, no, thousands of people will be there tomorrow waiting for my food. I must prepare for the county fair!
(Doorbell rings)
Dev: (Begins to mix the ingredients in the bowl.)Who is it?
Chip: It’s your favorite man!
Dev: Elvis Preselling.
Chip: What? No, it’s me, Chip.
Dev: Oh, what do you want?
Chip: Well…it would be nice if I could come in.
Dev: Sure, sure, sure, come in.
Chip: Well can you open the door.
Dev: (Turns head from his mixing, to the door.)Use my spare key from under the mat.
Chip: (Chip enters the house with a crazy wig on.)Nice hiding place.
Dev: (Chuckled while still mixing.)Nice hair
Chip: Ha-ha, thanks, hey, where’s your costume?
Dev: (Puts down bowl.)For what?
Chip: The 70s party we’re supposed to go to, that’s why I’m wearing this ridiculous wig, and the reason why I came over to pick you up.
Dev: I can’t go.
Chip: You’re bailing?
Dev: I have to; do you see all the food I have to make? (Pour ingredients from bowl into a pan.)
Chip: You didn’t have to make it; you’re going to waste your entire life away doing things that don’t even matter. (Walks out and slams door.)
Dev: *sigh* (Puts pan in refrigerator, and sits in the old chair.)Maybe he’s right. I'll just sit back on my comfy chair and relax.
(Chip enters the house again.)
Chip: Hey listen man; I’m sorry for yelling at you. It’s just that we had plans, but forget about the party! I’ll help you cook.
Dev: It’s all good, I’m ok. Thanks for the offer, but I don’t want to cook anymore. I’m just going to sit here on my snug chair.
Chip: Well that’s good, you should take a rest one in a while. Ok well see you later. (He exits house.)
Dev: Ok, see ya.
(Nighttime came, and gone, now it is morning.)
Brandy: (A voice in the distance.) Dev., Dev., hurry up. (Brandy runs in house.)You’re going to be late!
Dev: (He wakes up and yawns.) Late for what?
Brandy: (She looks around.)Late for the fair, where’s your food?
Dev: I have none.
Brandy: What, but what about the fair?
Dev: I don’t know, and I don’t care. That’s their problem!
Brandy: Seriously, get up out of that chair, and start cooking. If I help you, you might just get the food there on time.
Dev: No! I’m not getting up out of this chair, I’m trying to relax.
Brandy: I think you relaxed way too much. You’re acting like a lazy bum.
Dev: So what, maybe I like being a bum.
Brandy: You know what? Wow, this is so like you. First you’re extremely hectic, and now you’re extremely slothful. I’m out of here.
Dev: See you later, alligator.
Brandy: (walks out.)Ugh
Dev: (In a girly voice.) After a while, crocodile I don’t care what she thinks. (He crosses his arms.) Just because I don’t want to do anything doesn’t make me lazy. And what if I was? Who cares if I’m lazy? It’s not like I’m hurting anyone.
(It was getting dark, and a raccoon came sneaking in the house, breaking everything in sight.)
Dev: Get out of here you raccoon! (He waved his hands) I said go. This stupid raccoon doesn’t even care that he is ruining my clean house. I should get up and do ssomething, but I’m just too comfortable, and that just seems like too much work. (He watched the raccoon tear everything apart, and then exit the house.)
(Nighttime came, and then the morning. Dev is replaced with a rock in the chair [turned into a rock.] Chip and Brandy enter the house.)
Brandy: Even though you didn’t make the food for the fair, it was still great.
Chip: Yeah it was, and the 70s party was so groovy man, you missed out.
Brandy: Yep, but it’s ok. We wanted to give you one more chance to hang out with us.
Chip: Totally. We decided to go to the cinemas to see that really scary movie you wanted to see.
Brandy: Aren’t you excited, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you Chicken?
Chip: I know he’s not; this is the movie we’ve been waiting for. You love scary movies Dev., what gives?
Brandy: I guess he’s gotten too sluggish to even talk huh?
Chip: Yeah I guess so. I mean for real man. You look terrible; you look like a glob man. You’re losing your youth and your looks dude.
Brandy: I can’t do this anymore; I can’t be friends with you. Not like this.
Chip: Maaaaann, look at you, look at what you’ve became. You’re not you anymore, you’re nothing. (Walks off stage, door slams, and lights slowly dim on the rock.) (Curtains close.)

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