January 13, 2013
By AshleyDrake PLATINUM, Indian Trail, North Carolina
AshleyDrake PLATINUM, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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His breath is catching, hands are quivering. In his car on the way to the Shell station, he pauses for each red light. He know the risks for his future actions, but the allure of being placed in the newspaper draws him to robbery. Ransom's own name provided spark for his criminal career. Not for want of money, but of notoriety, he robs. Signs for ransom provide Ransom with thrill. His gun in place beside him, he pulls carefully into a back right corner spot, his favorite. Approaching the door, he hold it for a lady. After all, Ransom Cadwell was raised to be a gentleman in all his dealings. He picks his favorite snack from an assortment of jerkeys, and swaggers over to the cash register. As he moves to grab his wallet, he pulls his gun. "Hand over the money. Now!" is his solitary command. The new employee is but 16, and now very frightened. He frantically pulls all the money from the register and hands it over. Ransom takes it and walks out to his car. Before the police can be called, he is gone. Pulling off his mask, Ransom inspects his scarred face. Too ugly for recognition, he revels in being known as the "Handsome Robber".

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