Is this real?

January 11, 2013
By MariaVargas GOLD, Alajuela, Other
MariaVargas GOLD, Alajuela, Other
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The taste of vomit in mouth is making me nauseated. The thunders seems to not only be terrifying me. I carefully move the curtains to the left in order to be able to see through my room's windows. It is raining. It is chaos. People are running outside. I hear the screaming. It is the lady next door grabbing on to the light pole. What is she doing? this is a storm. It strikes one more time. Her screams are even louder. I exhale slowly to calm myself. I move towards the other side of the room. The pale green walls give me some kind of warmth but I'm still very aware. What do i do? I say to myself. What is this?

I returned.

I haven't puked. There is no lighting. The screams are only in my head. Ms. Poly is in her garden watering her daisies. It is a bright day outside and the serene breeze is nothing but calming. I lay back. I'm scared of what will happen if I dare to close my eyes again.

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