December 29, 2012
By I_TheStarvingWriter SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
I_TheStarvingWriter SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney

Moonlight shone down on the unending highway as a wander among men sped down it’s darkened pathway, his eyes burning in anger. He hoped that it wouldn’t have to come to this. That this series of unfortunate events would have to end with such a violent climax. But drastic times called for drastic measures, and this was never more true than now.

As Shane continued to speed down the asphalt strip, the engine of his vehicle grew louder, Shane pressuring his foot to the gas pedal and feeling its hunger within the body. The speedometer eased to the sixty MPH point as the driver’s foot came to rest and his right hand eased towards his coffee mug to take another swig.

Just after setting his mug back into its cup-holder, the sound of light chip-tune music began to ring out in the vehicle while the man’s pocket began to vibrate and flash a full spectrum of colors. Shane’s hand darted for his cell phone as he quickly flipped open to see the screen and the blank section where the caller ID should’ve been. Good. Thought the driver as the ringing continued to fill the automobile. The cardboard cup found its way back into the holder beneath the radio. A smirk eased across Shane’s lips while a low grunt bounded from his throat. He’s finally calling. I’ve held up my end of the bargain. Let’s see if you’ll hold up yours...

With a quick press of the thumb, Shane answered the device, his index finger tapping another switch before placing beneath the dash. “Hello?” asked the man in the driver’s seat.

“Ah, Shane!” came the reply of an overly-exuberant caller. “And I thought that you wouldn’t accept my call.”

“Oh come on, you know me.” Shane replied. “I never miss an opportunity for anything important.” His eyes were ever searching, looking for the pathway that his informant had said would lead him to his destination.

“Well, it’s a good thing that you didn’t!” Shane’s eyes were filled with the continuous stretch of the highway, swapping only to the phone on his dash within his confined area. “Katie would be simply be heartbroken if she found out her daddy couldn’t make it to her party!”

“Don’t you dare talk about my daughter in front of me!” Shane ordered at the phone, thinking that the man on the receiving end was there in the car with him. “And I swear if you’ve laid even a finger on her...”

“Oh, calm down Shane!” replied the man with the most cheerful of tones. “She’s in the living room with one of those Japanese movies on. It’s simply marvelous. I think I might have to see it for myself.”

“Just tell me where you are before I-”

?“Alright, alright, Shane. Honestly, I don’t know how your coworkers put up with you every day at... where did you say you worked?” There was a brief silence in the vehicle. “Ah, that’s right! Florence’s Floral Emporium! I’m surprised that you haven’t lost your job with that temper of yours.”

“Would you just-” For a brief moment, Shane’s eyes closed as a deep breath of oxygen filled his lungs to prevent him from putting a crack in his windshield. “Just tell me where you are so we can get this over with.”

Shane was met with a high pitched whine in response. Almost like a child in nature. “Oh, fine, if you want to take the fun out of it. Just follow the next exit on your left and you’ll come to a nice little business complex. You’ll find my car in the parking lot.”

“But, how will know which building you’re in?” Shane asked, desperately trying to mask his anger.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll find out. Ta-ta, Shane!”

“Wait, don’t you-!” was all the man could say before directions to his rendezvous were replaced with the dull tone of a phone gone off the line.

Shane’s hand slammed into the display of the radio before it lingered back to the it’s position on the steering wheel.

He always does this! thought Shane as his eyes turned to slits and his smile turned to a grimace. Is this some kind of sick game to him? Does he think that I enjoy his daily taunting with my kid standing right next to him?!

In his rage, Shane’s foot began to push down onto the gas pedal. The engine roared louder as the pressure increased. The dim lights were practically non-existent at this point, disappearing just a quickly as they arrived.

The driver’s pupils darted toward the right side of the highway. White bone glimmered in the limited light of the highway lights and the moon high above. A twisted cackling began to resound throughout the steel body of the car, just under the volume of the radio news-cast that had been playing.

“Well, not this time.” Shane spoke to himself as the exit to his destination grew nearer. Instinctively, his foot pressured the gas pedal even further as the car only continued to accelerate. “This time, I win this game. This time, you lose!” The driver’s cackling grew louder as his vehicle only grew faster. Shane had had enough. He had lost his child, almost gotten himself blown up, lost his wife, and even watched the entrails of some poor drone drain from his body just to get where he was now. This time, there would be no lies. This time, there would be no forgiveness. This time, there would only be blood.

Shane, without a second thought or a second to waste, whipped the steering wheel to the right, barely making the exit ramp off the highway where he and his adversary would finally meet. Centering the wheel, the car began to return to a cruise; back to a sluggish pace where the man would meet his eventual victim.

As Shane continued down the road, he began to think of how he and his masked marauder would meet. Would they have a nice chat and work out their deal? Or would he simply spill out his brains and break his skull? He didn’t care. He was simply ready for this to be over.

Fifty feet ahead, Shane spotted a lone building. the tower was but a over-built cube, and a sign reading “To be condemned” protruded from it’s lawn. But what in particular caught Shane’s eye was a lone black van parked at the front entrance. Instantly, Shane swerved into the lot as well, his manic smile still plastered on his face. Putting the car in park, Shane unbuckled his seat-belt and dimmed his headlights. Before opening the car door, however, Shane reached over to the passenger glove box to gather an lone item from its contents.

Clasping the release and opening the door, Shane let a multitude of scattered papers fall to the floor as his hand slithered through the compartment. The muscles in his arms tensed with surprise, a satisfied grin following in his revelation. With his grip on the item, Shane slowly pulled from the glovebox his trademark gun; the weapon he had since his father had been murdered.

Releasing the magazine, Shane looked over its contents. A full magazine, ready and eager to be used.

Alright, whoever you. Shane spoke to himself, ecstatic to meet the man within the shadows. Let’s make this meeting short, now, shall we?

The author's comments:
The second prompt for my creative writing club involved me writing about two or more people coming to an unspecified area (though a business-like construct was preferred), and the men/women plotting to kill someone. However, I was not to carry the act out, rather, I was to leave the story open ended. Enjoy!

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