The Fighter

January 3, 2013
All I could feel was my heart beating through my chest like a jackhammer pounding stone. My thoughts crushed and parish as I took a blow to the face. His fist dealing another crushing blow above my eye. Blood, sweat and tears put into one match. One match was all that was left to crown the new champ. Only three rounds to go and here I am exhausted.

“You have to keep going with him, he’s nothing compared to you.” Coach said. We were both weak. We could see it in each other’s eyes. I could feel my heart beating non-stop and I could feel the flow of blood going through my veins. I felt like I was going to collapse at any given moment. I could hear my dad’s voice in my head pushing me to my limit, saying “It’s not always about winning but giving it all you got is what it takes to become a winner.”

I dodged and parried every punch and kick thrown at me. I lunged at him like a tiger killing its prey. I could feel my fist smash against his bone fragile face. His head jolting back and his body collapsing onto the cold metal ring floor. The fans roared like a pack of hyenas. I could feel a sudden jolt of adrenaline rushing through my body. My heart eased as the referee went through with the count. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Only one second left and I win I thought to myself. Eight… Ding ding ding!

The match was over. I helped my opponent up as the referee went over to gather the judges score. We shook each other’s hand, congratulating on the great fight both of us put up. The referee finally called us over and told us it was time to announce the winner. The referee took our arms and placed us side by side against him. My thoughts rushed through my head as if I bomb exploded. The announcer stood there like a statue not saying a word or making a single movement.

I could feel my heart dropping into my stomach. My face no longer red but pale. I had this sudden thought of what if I didn’t win. I just knocked him out didn’t I? The announcer cleared his throat and said, “The Winner and your new Lightweight champion by Technical knockout is Enrique Cabrera!” The referee raised my arm up high in the sky to show I won. My heart beat back to normal now as I was relieved to hear that I won. The crowd cheered and roared as I stepped off the ring to go into my locker room. From that day on I successfully defended my title until my match against “One Hit Knockout” Jose Rodriguez. What a great match, and what an honor to have him as my opponent. After my loss, from that day on I decided to retire. I’ll always consider myself as the greatest Lightweight champion of the world.

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