I Should Be Paranoid

January 3, 2013
I think I’ve become a paranoid. I mean, I-I hear voices in my head. I feel like something is there under my bed because sometimes I feel the mattress moving. I sometimes feel that someone is breathing into my ear when I’m studying. And when I glance at my side, there’s no one. This is all so weird.
And I don’t believe on the voices in my head who are always telling me that I will ‘rot in hell’. I mean, those are just voices. They can’t be real, right? I thought I was just shedding my hair when I found a big blob of hair on the floor of my room.
My mother doesn’t believe me when I tell her all this. And why would she? I must be crazy. I know I was dreaming when I saw my reflection on the TV screen waving me back while I was standing perfectly still. And I also heard someone giggling and whispering things from the storeroom. I thought it was just a thief when I saw a little girl in a red frock dancing in the living room. My house is a funny place.
And now the funniest thing is, my mother too, is starting to become a little concerned. Because last night, she felt two cold hands on her throat suffocating her to death. I mean, she can’t die because of two stupid, unreal hands, because they don’t even exist. I mean, it was just a nightmare. It had to be a nightmare. What else? And I sometimes hear our wooden floor creaking in the hallway.
I think I’m going crazy. This is not happening to me. Maybe I’m hallucinating or something? This is nothing. Nothing at all. This is just because I’m paranoid, right?

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