My Lotus Hotel

December 12, 2012
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As Jackson, Kelli and I walked through the dark corridors in this hotel each room too this place was like a fantasy throughout the darkness I could see could see almost any mans dreams come to life with the scent of the roses and all I could remember was the sights and sounds that I created with the passing time I have put into creating this monstrous creation and the time my friends and I have spent laughing talking and discussing throughout our mildly entertaining childhood through these walls the first room we approached was the main foyer the walls were dark black almost as dark as the soul of monster that had took over my glorious hotel. ‘Alex how do we get to the main rooms on the 49th floor?’ Kelli asked with the fright echoing through her voice. ‘I have no idea at the moment we could try going through the garage but we have no possible idea that he isn’t in their either.’ I said with uncertainty. So with that we moved on through the main foyer leaving the shinning black walls and the crystal décor all behind us as we descended into the darkness. So we made our way through the kitchen stopping only to get water and food for the rest of the trip to the 40th floor. You may be asking yourself as you read this what type of monster would take over the hotel of a mere child and his friends use as a hang out. Trust me you would be very surprised what type of enemies that a 14 year old kid could make in these types of situations. But by accident we had stumbled into the garage and their sat my pride and my joy to any teenager who like to have the cars I had sitting before me a bright blood red 69 Chevy Camaro with a 427 cubic engine and right next to that is my pitch black 69 Chevy Chevelle I call them ‘Killer’ and ‘Death’ it took me 3 years to get them the way I wanted them and a lot of bargaining through the car shops in the area. Then just as I thought it was clear to pass through without being spotted we heard a crash that would scare a dinosaur but what made me get so angry and deprived at the same time that was what had came through the window ha d just made my killer and death flat as a pancake then we saw him through the remains of the window that was left I saw his blood red eyes and the scornful of his mouth. I believe we all knew what he was thinking he was thinking that he wanted to devour us all and use our bones as tooth picks. But all we knew was that we were getting to the 49th floor whether we had to go through this bag of meat or not but as soon as I was about to say that we could take a flank throughout the other side of the of the monster but he apparently wasn’t as stupid as he looked because he tried to make a grab for Jackson but he was too quick for the beast then as we tried to grab for anything that would help us in this as we looked through the tools lined up the shelves there were wrenches and screw drivers but nothing that would be long enough that would be able to kill this wild beast. Then we found the one thing that you would think wouldn’t help the beast was so luckily standing on a car lift and the one simple flick of the switch he was thrown up 100ft into the air and as we planted the bed of nails that was purposely placed to stab into the monster to dislounge his eyes and break skin into the monsters chest and purposely kill the savage beast and with the last shriek of the beast that was his last passing. As we left the broken body of the monster we reached the 49th floor with more anticipation than ever. As we approached the door we pushed the door open and now we were disappointed because the room was empty nut as we went to the porch we looked upon the horizon then we saw what we waited for all along the helicopters that we would leave from the one place we had called home but now we have to leave with memories and the passing of the beast that lay inside.

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