The Unfortunate Anniversary

December 15, 2012
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Today was the day, 1 year ago, when Lauren's life changed forever. Never again would it be the same. She had lost the most important person in her life, her dad. Everyone thought she was perfect, and she had everything. She had perfect blond hair with perfect waves and clear blue eyes that everyone melted in when they looked in them. But they didn't know the whole story. She thought she had nothing now. She knew she had virtues and things that others may not have, but she didn't have something that almost everyone had, a father.
She watched the candles slowly drift away from shore. Every year coming, they would do this with their whole family. Everyone else in Lauren's family already left,she was the only one there watching as the specks of light float farther and farther away until she couldn't see them anymore. She wanted to wait until the very last one was gone, no matter how long it took. Unwillingly, she set the last one free as a tear dropped into the water. While watching the last one drift so far she couldn't see it, she felt as if she had set the last part of her dad in her free. She watched the sky painted with blues, purples, pinks, and specks of light; slowly change to something entirely different. Darkness. Darkness within her physical being and within herself.

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