Ronnie's Letter- A Ronnie And Julius Short

December 10, 2012
Dear World,

I have had a breakthrough, dearest World. And though you might not believe what I have to tell you, I have to get it out; I have spoken with God. Yes, God. He stood before me, a beacon of light that shone so bright I could see nothing. I could only hear his soft-spoken, yet deep voice. He spoke to me. He told me of a girl, you see. One by the name of…well, he didn’t give me a name, but I believe it will start with a “J”. Jane, perhaps? No, he would not send me a Jane. Maybe a more unique name, like…like…

Well, anyway. He told me that this girl will be the love of my life. That once I get out of this wretched hole, and move away to London, that I’ll meet her at the school. And though she won’t like me at first, she will fall in love. We are meant to be together. I cannot wait to meet this girl. I’m sure that God wouldn’t lie. I’m sure that she’s the most beautiful creature on this planet. Much more beautiful than the stars in the sky, or anything else that God has created.

He also told me that she will not believe in Him at first. But I can just keep telling her about Him. He warned me of the future. That much will happen, and one of us will go crazy. He did not tell me which of us that would be.

I am a changed man, you know, World? I no longer fear the future. I fear nothing now. I will meet this girl. She will be mine. Or I will be hers. Either way, it doesn’t matter, so long as I have someone that will love me. I’ve never felt loved…

Must go…my parents are here for visiting hours. I didn’t kill that man this time, but if I see him again, he’s dead.

Anyway! Goodbye for now, dear World.


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