The Wolf

December 10, 2012
Beauty left the Heavens above us. The Gods had brought us a gift. A gift so amazing that we were scared of it. We attacked it. We killed it. No matter what way we did it, we killed it. We destroyed the soul of this creature, and sent it back to The Gods without their consent.

Some of us tried to save them. There were only few who believed that these gentle creatures were in fact gentle. They were never horrible monsters going on a rampage to kill and destroy us. They were put here to be in peace with us all. But, in the end, we hurt them.

A single wolf is a gift. A million wolves is a million gifts bestowed upon us. But we all have the wrong idea. They are not evil. They never have been. They never will be.

I guess some people have no good left.

I guess some people have no souls…

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