They say.

December 4, 2012
There she is.
The girl everybody talks about.
The genius.

She’s known throughout the school for being a brain.
“She knows more than all of the teachers combined”
They say.
That doesn’t mean much, in our school.

“She’s memorized whole textbooks.”
They say.
I find that hard to believe.

“She can memorize anything you put in front of her.”
They say.
I’ve seen that, so I can believe that.

Something went wrong.
“She let her anger out on a teacher! The school won’t trust her to do anything anymore.”
They say.
She’s always been a hothead but the school wouldn’t let it’s star performer go so easily.

“Her mind stopped working. No one knows why.”
They say.
Seriously? You just told me she’s still a genius.

“She had some sort of a panic attack.”
They say.
She’s smart enough I believe it.

But there’s something else…

Her sex life.

“She’s slept around with all of the guys in this school. And most of the girls.”
They say.
That’s just gross. And hard to believe. When would she find the time?

“Who knows? I hear that she gets test answers from the teachers when she sleeps with them.”
They say.
Now that’s just plain illegal. And if it was true, which it’s not, that would be completely unfair.

“It is unfair that she can get away with that. Come on that little s*** isn’t smarter than you! And you know it. Genius. In her dreams.”
They say.
And that…
I can believe.

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