November 29, 2012
By , Centerville, IA
Driving to school alone one day singing to the radio, there’s a big game today and I’m excited to go. There’s a stop sign coming up and I guess I didn’t know, but the dump truck on the road made it clear to show. I didn’t see a thing, though the pain throughout my body started to grow, and then….silence.

I step out as the tears begin to flow, I find my glasses, and the damage goes to show and as I call my dad the crowd of people starts to flow. The eyes, looking down at me with looks of sorrow and relief, the tears, that fall hard and fast from my eyes and I look up to see my dad coming close with a mixed expression, and then….silence.

The call from my mom, no ambulance is needed and I just want to go home. Later I think the officer for the 200 dollars I owe and he tells me to be careful as if I didn’t already know. I’ll walk home alone only to meet my aunts at the door. Talking, crying, laughing before he walks in the door, and then….silence.

I insist I go to school, I insist I play my game knowing that things are not the same. With one last look up at him, he, with the look of relief after almost losing his little girl, me, my hero, my knight in shining armor, my dad, I love you, and then….silence.

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