The Corner Chair!

November 28, 2012
By Broken_Lover PLATINUM, Theodore, Alabama
Broken_Lover PLATINUM, Theodore, Alabama
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No man is worth your tears,and the one who is will never make you cry.

A little girl,about five years old,feels lost and alone. She looks around trying to find someone to help her,but there is no one. As the years pass by her pain and depression get worse,and still there is nothing. Alone and homeless,she wonders around searching for some sort of life,still she finds no one. While wondering around,she comes to an abandoned building that has nothing in it from what she can see. She searches the building,but finds nothing. She comes to a hidden room in the basement,and as she begins to open the door she hears a voice,and as she listens closely she discovers that it sounds like her own. She runs to the closest place she can find frightened that it is someone else. She finds a bathroom and the only thing left hanging is a cracked and almost shattered mirror. She gazes into the mirror astonished at what she is looking at. Again she hears a voice cry out,"will i ever be wanted,needed,or even loved?" Still frightened she answers back,"who are you?" "You", replies the voice sounding weak and frail. She creeps out of the bathroom and back into the open, and as she looks around the room trying to find the voice,she spots an old,small rocking chair in the corner of the room. She whispers to herself,"i want one of those." "Well this one is mine," shouts the voice, and surprisingly the chair starts to rock back and forth. Starting to shake with fear,the little girl runs back into the bathroom,slams the door,and locks it. An hour passes with no interruptions,and she has fallen asleep. Moments later she is awoken by a knock on the bathroom door,"will you please come out,I didn't mean to frighten you," says the voice with a sad tone. The girl just sits there,and finally when she gets up the door opens with not even one touch. She stares at the rocking chair afraid that it will move again,but it doesn't. She takes a deep breath,and by her ear she feels something warm...and then,"Breathe,just breathe," says the voice. The little girl jumps with fear and says,"Will you stop doing that please?" Still gazing at the chair,using her peripheral vision,she spots a silver,shining comb. Reaching down to pick it up it vanishes,but she noticed that it was combing the air,but then long,black wavy hair appears. Shocked because it looks like hers,she watches closely as a little girl with the same ripped,worn,and stained rags stitched together just as hers were,appears out of no where. They stand eye to eye,toe to toe,and even nose to nose looking at each other. "What's your name?" asked the appearing girl. "Isabella,what's yours?" the little girl asks. " My name is Isabelle," she said. Then,with the blink of an eye Isabelle was gone. As a tear streams down Isabella's face,she remembers the rocking chair. Walking to the chair,a mysterious shadow appeared watching her. Before she could reach it the shadow had whisked her away into the night. The room now motionless and silent,and nothing was left but the corner chair. . .

The author's comments:
This article was written by me, about how I emotionally,physically,and mentally feel.

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