The Past

November 26, 2012
I look out my bedroom window once more at the rainy weather, from where I am sitting on the window sill seat, up against the wall with the curtain draped over me like a shield from the all the cruel people and doings of the world. Visions flash in my mind of nights spent alone, with nothing but tears and the sound of my own breathing to keep me company on the lonely nights. I lean my head against the cool glass and take a deep breath as I listen to the music playing throughout my room. It washes over me like a shower, cleaning me of all the awful thoughts that consume my mind. It is Ronnie Rake’s voice - my favourite artist, and the owner of the same voice that had saved me from myself on so many nights. I shake away any memories of those nights and feelings and stand up. It is a new year which makes room for a new me and I am ready to take advantage of it.

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